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1 Nov 12, 2014 22:42    

Use the 5.0.5-stable released on 02 / Aug / 2013 version.
EDIT: Now that I saw: my blog is down, not working!!!!!!

I made no changes.

I tried to login with admin and this error appeared:

Notice: date_default_timezone_set() []: Timezone ID 'America/Sao_Paulo' is invalid in /[...]/web/blog/conf/_config.php on line 152

Fatal error: mktime() [<a href='function.mktime'>function.mktime</a>]: Timezone database is corrupt - this should *never* happen! in /[...]/web/blog/inc/_core/_misc.funcs.php on line 1109

I changed Europe / Paris for America / Sao_Paulo and nothing has changed.

URGENT need to change my posts, and now?


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