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1 Sep 20, 2018 12:36    


I want to hide some content paragraphs within one webpage for public viewers but want to reveal them for the the community.
Content Blocks seems to be the solution. And technically it works.
But I want to customize the message, shown, if some has not sufficient rights.

Now in this case this text is printed:
The visibility level of the content block "#number title" is not sufficient.

The class of this message is:
<p class="red">The visibility level of the content block "#number title" is not sufficient.</p>

My questions:

  • How do I add another class to that?
  • How do I share a german translation?

Tips are welcome!
Regards, Will

2 Sep 20, 2018 23:18

Oh I just had an idea: how about if we implement this:?


If the normal-slug cannot be displayed (because permission, or maybe because doesn't exit), then we try to display fallback-slug (which in your case would be a german error message formatted to the colors you want)

3 Oct 11, 2020 19:38

@fplanque this would really be great if you could implement the fallback-slug feature!!

4 Oct 11, 2020 20:12

Another challenge:

I want to place a content block (restricted to members) in a public post. As intended for anonymous users the content block is hidden ("The visibility level of the content block "#number title" is not sufficient.") - But also for logged in users with member status the content block remains hidden. (To show the content block the whole post hast to be set to members only)
Is there a way to place content blocks (with restricted permission) in a public post in a way logged in users with according permission right can read?

Thanks and regards

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