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1 Sep 03, 2019 19:56    


I suppose that using an URL with Anchor like: https://www..# webmention does not work. Is it a question of sending the webmention or adding webmentions in comments? (I have only tried this between two different installations on different hoster's servers)

Is there a way to get webmentions work also with an anchor in the url?

Thanks and regards, will

2 Sep 06, 2019 10:47

@saunders Hello, please see my test:

So for me it works as expected.
Please show us a screenshot with what you got and what you expect.

3 Sep 11, 2019 21:13

@yurabakhtin thanks for the screenshot. But …

It may be that the problem I mentioned occurs when not a whole URL is linked, but only a link tag [[this-is-the-slug-of-a-page And this text]]. (Sorry that I did not tell this)
In the mentioned cases with Anchor I attached the Anchor to the tag, e.g. [[this-is-the-slug-of-a-page#anchor And this text]]
I tried that again, and it didn't work. Is it possible that the webmention routine was used before rendering the [[ ]] tags?

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