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[SOLVED] Why ?? no global analytics / statistics anymore...

Started by on Oct 31, 2013 – Contents updated: Oct 17, 2014

Oct 31, 2013 12:24    

I used to use global analytics on my multilanguage multidomain blog

but now thea are empty!

Using 5.0.5-stable veröffentlicht am 02.08.13

Autoupgrade says
Notice: Undefined variable: button in /www/htdocs/w00d45e9/blogs/inc/maintenance/views/_upgrade.form.php on line 99

that is line 99: $Form->end_form( array( array( 'submit', 'actionArray['.$upgrade_action['action'].']', [color=]$button[/color], 'SaveButton' ) ) );


if( $debug > 0 || !array_key_exists( 'status', $upgrade_action ) )
        $Form->hidden( 'upd_name', $upgrade_action['name'] );
        $Form->end_form( array( array( 'submit', 'actionArray['.$upgrade_action['action'].']', $button, 'SaveButton' ) ) );

Oct 10, 2014 15:10

yes, but the global analytics problem would probally be solved by an update but I can't:

I cannot update anything because of this message :

Notice: Undefined variable: button in /www/htdocs/................../b2evolution/blogs/inc/maintenance/views/_upgrade.form.php on line 99

please note I have multiple B2Evos in one SQL database using different table prefixes instead of "evo_"

Oct 17, 2014 18:38

We are dealing with your upgrade issue in another posts, so I'm marking this one as solved. Thanks.

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