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I have found that the size of the short name is limited to something too short. I have one 'short name' that doesn't have a space between the two words and I want it to. However I can't put the space in without removing a letter. There should be a way… more »

Aug 16, 2005 20:48  
Validity & Security Checking Hi Guys: I want to inject HTML, XHTML and Java script into my Blog postings. And yes, I do understand the dangers of XSS. One of the ways I?m told EVIL code can be injected into your Blog giving hackers access to your… more »

Nov 18, 2006 18:07  
Yesterday we started noticing our site slowing down and having numerous database not found errors. After some troubleshooting I figured out it was due to an extemely large evo_hitlog table in the database. It seems with all of the referrer spam the… more »

Aug 03, 2005 23:42  
I am operating an istallation where most users would get a blog and a link blog. I've hidden the linkblogs that I've set up by not including in the blog list. However the entries in the link blogs still show up in the BLOG ALL which is a shame as I want… more »

Nov 01, 2005 18:04  
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