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Concept of Sorting in category settings

Started by on Oct 30, 2018 – Contents updated: Nov 02, 2018

Oct 30, 2018 11:55    

Since 6.10.3 the way of sorting posts has changed. Now one can put sorting orders to each category one activates for a post. But I did not really get the intention out of this. In posts (contents > posts) there is only one sorting option for posts and this rules sorting by features at a startpage.
The manual does not provide any information or case.
So could you please tell me, how to handle this new feature in a way, that optimizes previous sorting mode.

Thanks, Will

Exact b2evolution version number :6.10.3

Oct 30, 2018 13:10

Is the first image a previous option?

Sorting can use decimals so you don't need to have 1,1,2,3,3,3 as you have. You could use decimal values to separate each category, or prefix them.

  1. 101, 200, 300, 301, 302 or
    1, 1.1, 2, 3, 3.1,3.2 etc

Oct 30, 2018 13:39

@amoun the first fig shows the solution of 6.10.3 - to use decimals in sorting options (in a form) is apparent. But to sort each category?

Oct 30, 2018 14:43

I'm still a bit off here.

In your second image I imagine you've selected a category. In my case I can click on the little dash or the empty space and enter a number. This orders the posts in the selected category for me

Oct 30, 2018 19:03

Hi again @saunders

Although the above works the order overrides that set for the whole collection but now even if I use 1??, 2?? etc. the arrangement is off.

I've now spent an hour and can figure it out :) So I've started from scratch and numbered the post ex the categories and removed those.

1) I lost a post by taking it of sticky only to find it had no title so I titled it and gave it the order number 10. The first image shows the results which are odd.

2) So I renumbered it 100 and the order is even more odd, without the 998 showing up

3) Before I delved into the category issue it all worked fine

So yes something isn't working as I expected in the ordering and it would be nice to be able to remove all the order numbers in one click.

Oct 30, 2018 20:26

@amoun thx for checking. In my fig.2 I did not use a filter. It shows all posts.

I would appreciate a working and actualized manual. I know, developers stick to coding, but for non developers it sometimes is hard to understand the use case and the demo installation is good for demo but does not displace a manual.
I know that writing a manual and keeping it actual is a lot of work and time intensive, but it is IMHO indispensable.
I would contribute and engage in manual works, but I don't really know, what is going on from version to version and can not even comprehend some presumable smart and awesome features.

Oct 30, 2018 20:31

Hmm! Updated and informative manuals on all issues, are you expecting Santa Claus :)

RE The issue. I had to manually remove all my order numbers to get back to a simple front page. Something isn't working as I expected and I won't be using the ordering much :(

Oct 30, 2018 22:21

@amoun same for me; I tried to handle it you described above and the post I marked with 1.1 or 11 disappear from start page. So I will continue the way I used to (see fig 2 above).

PS: one of the best manuals I ever used is the one of mahara. See: that is really great. Each version has its own manual version and within the latest manual there are all new features specially flagged. This was imho one of the most triggering recipes for success of mahara. The high workload for the manual on the one hand reduced workload in giving support on the other hand.
I have been using b2evolution for over 12 years and I going on to use it further because b2e is really awesome (otherwise I would have switched because of the not really satisfying manual)

Nov 02, 2018 18:44

@saunders if each post is only in 1 category, nothing changes, except that you enter the order number in a different place in the UI.

But if you cross post your post in several categories, then you can choose where it appears in each of these categories.

This is useful for example in a manual where the same man pages appears in different chapters... but needs to be in a different place in each chapter.

We did this specifically to improve the manual... so at least you can know we'd like to improve the manual... as time permits.

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