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1 Nov 28, 2017 14:34    

Help! Yesterday I attempted to upgrade my blog to the stable version 6.9.4, which was released two days earlier. Everything seemed to be going okay until I clicked on the install button.

I immediately received a 500 error message that my host' technician diagnosed as conflicting files.

When the technician tried to go to the front of my blog, he got a 503 error message, reporting that the blog was under maintenance.

I was initially able to navigate the blog's dashboard, but no more. Now, all I receive is the same white screen of death.

I downloaded the backup copy of my blog that I saved in September, when I upgraded to 6.9.3 stable, but neither the tech nor I could open it or use it to replace the corrupted blog.

Is there some way to fix this problem? The blog represents 11 years of work.

2 Nov 29, 2017 01:48

I've had this problem a number of times with various fixes, and I had the same yesterday and reinstalled 6.9.3 for now as I'm too busy to chase this up.


It seems that something stops the php files from being read, you can see if you can access [install/index.htm] and [install/test] - which has a deafult htm index file.

Do you have ftp access? cpanel access? Remove [/config/umaintenance.php]

Download a fresh copy of 6.9.3 and ftp ?

3 Nov 29, 2017 02:32

Missing site address, exact error messages, screenshots, etc. "500" is such a general error that it means nothing.

Even if we suppose "conflicting files" was a correct diagnostic, which are the conflicts?

4 Nov 29, 2017 05:08

My site's address is

Fplanque, I was unable to diagnose this problem further before getting a permanent white screen with a 503 error code - under maintenance. However, before clicking the install button, I saw only "okay" after each of the numerous files in the previous step.

I was unable to diagnose this problem further. Each time I clicked an arrow to go back and clicked the install button, I got the white screen with a 503 error message, not the 500 error message I initially received, which I had read to the tech. He diagnosed the issue as conflicting files.

I wish I had thought to take a screen shot of the initial error screen I received upon clicking the install button, but frankly, it's hard to think of that when you see a decade of your life's work replaced by a white screen of death.

Those are good suggestions, amoun. Yes, I still have access to my host account cpanel. There is a backup copy of a 2015 version of my blog on it, but I don't know how to replace the corrupted version with it.

I will see if the other files you mentioned are there. If not, I may still have ftp files on one of my older laptops, but those are from 2008. I had about 300 posts on my blog at the time I tried to unsuccessfully upgrade it on November 27, 2017. Even if I can replace the corrupted version of my blog with the 2015 backup version, I will have to copy and paste 24 posts that it does not have.

There is no way I can replace the missing analytics from the past 2.5 years. Coming at a time when I was attempting to monetize my blog, the loss of that information is irreplaceable.

5 Nov 29, 2017 11:15

You shouldn't have lost any of the analytics and posts as they will be in the database, hopefully, you just have to upload the earlier version for now.

As I said I have the same problem, which is far as I can tell is that the php files are not readable, sometimes I've messed with the permissions, sometimes I've ftp's new install folder etc. I have thought, and it was mentioned that maybe there's a delay on the server as once after a second attempt and waiting a while it worked.

I'll try again tonight maybe.
you can get to your test file but as I said it's html not php
gives instructions

doesn't work and gives the server error

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

all of which is exactly the same as I've been getting for the last year or two ?????????

6 Nov 29, 2017 13:58

Amoun, how long will it take for the system to finish whatever installation process is still ongoing?

Is there any way to access the backup copy of my blog that was made before the installation process stopped the upgrade?

7 Nov 29, 2017 20:34

Amoun, thank you for trying to help me. I consulted a web developer who helped me revert the blog to a time before I tried to unsuccessfully upgrade the version of b2evolution I am using. My blog is once again up and running.

Fplanque, the 6.9.4 version is not yet stable. Please remove it and work on a fix. Once it truly is stable, I will try to upgrade again.

9 Nov 30, 2017 02:28

It's in my profile. Why do you ask?

10 Dec 01, 2017 02:12

Because it's not in your profile / you're using 2 different profiles.

11 Dec 01, 2017 09:33

I wasn't able to log into my account to ask for help after my upgrade failed. I had to request a password reset link. After changing my password, I received an email asking me to update my profile, so I am at a loss to understand why there are two. Sorry for the confusion.

12 Dec 20, 2017 23:01

I thought my problem with my blog was solved when the developer told me to have my host restart my account to a time just before the upgrade, which failed. However, I just attempted to post for the first time since the upgrade failure and found that my blog is corrupted. The collection and post buttons are grayed-out, and the bar I used to browse my laptop's downloaded files to upload images for my post is missing. Although I found an alternative way to post again on my blog, I cannot insert images anymore - and that means any hope I had to monetizing my blog with advertorials just went out the window. How can I fix this issue?

13 Dec 23, 2017 07:27

@njjoyce can you please share screenshots of the problem you describe?

Thank you.

14 Dec 23, 2017 14:10

I attached the screen capture of the missing image browser bar. You also can see that the images in the directory are all dated November 29, the day my host restarted my account at a time just before installation of the upgrade version failed and I got a white screen of death. I think the action of restarting my account, rather than reverting my blog, which was not possible, resulted in corrupting the image directory files. Is it possible to fix the damage to the files?


15 Dec 28, 2017 13:28

Just to say I downloaded 6.9.5 and manually upgraded using FileZilla with no problems so will not be using the auto feature for a while. Hope you have sorted your upgrade

16 Dec 28, 2017 14:18

I was able to upgrade to version 6.9.4 the second try, but the media directory appears to be corrupted. My host set all permissions to default and that did not correct the problem. Without a working media directory, I can only post text.

17 Dec 28, 2017 14:30

Hi How do you upgrade. Do you only use automatic? If you use ftp you can set the permissions on the [/media] folder yourself. If it is set to 777 then you should be able to access it and so should anyone with your URL

However there may be a server denial on the folder, which has been set in an [.htaccess] file. If you have ftp access you can read the files and edit them if that is the case.

It is unlikely that the host would have blocked access to the folder.

When an auto upgrade is used there's an option not to update certain folders and files, the [/media] folder being the obvious one. I'm not sure how that is achieved, by permissions or htaccess or otherwise but that may have been the issue.

I'm looking at the upgrade policy info which by default has the command to [ignore /media/blogs] where your images etc. are kept. So if such a file was used it would have done something to block the folder from updating and may have left it inaccessible. This may also be the reason I've had problems accessing the [install] folder.

18 Dec 28, 2017 16:48

I am not only unable to browse my laptop's downloads to select images to insert in new posts, the existing media directory files are also unavailable for insertion.

They are all dated November 29, the day my host restarted my account to a time just before the failed upgrade on November 27 in order to reimitialize my blog. I cannot insert the existing media files or any new ones.

I followed the directions I read on the download page before upgrading. I did not select the automatic option. I'm not sure what went wrong upon installation during the first upgrade attempt, but I'll call my host again and ask them to use your repair recommendations. I'll let you know the result.

19 Dec 28, 2017 17:08

Hi You may have said on previous posts, but what is your website's URL?
OK Found your site.

Does your host manage everything? Did they install the blog themselves and so you have no direct access to the database or to the files and folders.

20 Dec 28, 2017 17:32

Amoun, my host already did everything they could through my control panel's file manager, but nothing worked to reset the corrupted media directory. The developer mentoring me through SCORE might be able to fix the issue, but he wants to be paid $85/hour to work on it, which I can't afford right now.

The only possible fix left to me is to find the backup copy of my blog that was made before the failed upgrade. How do I find it?

21 Dec 28, 2017 17:32

Ok I can access your media folder and you can see the html default page [/media/index.html]
so that isn't blocked
nor is the blogs folder

So having established the main folders exist the query is to discover if there is any content

I can access other folders in the [/media] for example
so there really is a query as to if the [/media/blogs] folder has any content.

Usually a blog would be given a name and there would be a folder [media/blogs/name] inside of which there will other folders, one called [img] which will store the images you have uploaded.

Your post implies you uploaded a new version and used ftp, so you should be able to see if there are files as I've indicated.

I followed the directions I read on the download page before upgrading. I did not select the automatic option. I'm not sure what went wrong upon installation during the first upgrade attempt, but I'll call my host again and ask them to use your repair recommendations. I'll let you know the result.

22 Dec 31, 2017 10:39


I'm sorry, there is only one screenshot in your file, and I still do not understand what you mean with "grayed-out buttons", or "the bar I used to browse my laptop's downloaded files to upload images for my post"

The only possible fix left to me is to find the backup copy of my blog that was made before the failed upgrade. How do I find it?

There are no automatic backups on manual upgrade. So, if you didn't make it before the upgrade, then the only way to get a backup is asking your hosting provider. They should keep copies of files and databases. The matter is how long do they keep those copies.

23 Dec 31, 2017 13:29

After I got the white screen of death upon the failed installation upgrade, which was replaced by a white screen advising visitors that the site was under maintenance tenancy, I immediately call my host to ask for the backup copy. My host's techs claimed there was none made.

The local developer I also contacted told me to instead have my host restart my account to a day before the failed upgrade. That brought back my site, but with a corrupted media directory.

I now am wondering if this was a hack. If so, wouldn't the company scanning for malicious code be able to review my site and/or fix it?

24 Dec 31, 2017 13:35

Sorry, my so-called smart phone thinks it knows what I meant to type, and it did not.

After the failed upgrade installation, a white screen informed visitors to my site that it was temporarily under maintenance.

I have no idea what a maintenance tenancy is, and I do not think my smart phone does either.

25 Jan 03, 2018 13:12

Have you looked in the [/config] for a [umaintenance.html] file, not the one that begins with the underscore, try deleting that from the server.

26 Jan 03, 2018 13:51

I don't know where to find that.

29 Jan 03, 2018 17:11

Amoun, I clicked on the link you gave me and got a warning message that you have my IP address.

30 Jan 04, 2018 14:03

Yes my 403 page is hand made and reads the IP address of any access as a security reminder.

What I was showing you was that your site gives world wide access to the folder, which at least means someone can link to the files in that folder and use them incurring at minimum a bandwidth use of your server.


So the permissions on that folder are usually 755

31 Jan 04, 2018 15:00

Sorry my view on the file permission isn't correct there is a different reason for the access, so ignore that part.

The access, should or maybe controlled via the [.htaccess] file in the root folder

# Don't show directory contents (not desirable, especially for media folders)
Options -Indexes
# Note: if you have access to the command line of your server, it would probably
# be even better to type this:  a2dismod autoindex
# (This disables the directory listing module completely)

32 Jan 04, 2018 15:32

Does this mean I was hacked?

33 Jan 04, 2018 22:25

I don't think so. It's more likely a poor installation and something went wrong.
Can you see your a [.htaccess] file in your [media] folder?
The {Options -Indexes} instructs the server to 'serve' up an index file when the folder is accessed, but if there is no index.htm, index.php or the like then it will show the 403 error page as on my site.

So in the case of your site folder

  1. There's no index.html or index.php else it would show, when accessing the folder and
  2. There's no [.htaccess] as otherwise it would bring up an error if there is no index file

This is a resolution to your wider problem, that is if you still can't access your media files but may indicate an permissions/access problem

[.htaccess] files affect the directory and all subdirectories. So if there is one in the /media foolder it will apply to the [/media/shared folder] so it appeasr that either you do not have the [.htaccess] file or it is not configured as indicted in my earlier post. Plus it could have crappy instructions which block things.

34 Jan 05, 2018 07:53

Shortly before I attempted the unsuccessful first upgrade, I was trying to change the permissions in order to link my blog to Google for review of it for Adsense. I couldn't figure out how to get to the advance permission required, so I just left it without removing the changes I had made.

Is it possible that those changes resulted in the failed upgrade installation?

36 Jan 05, 2018 14:02

I was trying to insert the Google Adsense verification code after the headline as I was instructed to do.

I should have removed the code before upgrading.

Is there some way to repair the corrupted media directory?

37 Jan 05, 2018 19:37

I've no idea on the google code as I avoid it, facebook etc and I have no idea where you inserted it , nor who instructed you do do whatever you did?

There's a danger in going over the same issue. In an earlier post I asked what access you had via ftp which you haven't answered. I have no idea if it's corrupt, or if the problem is just access.

In comment 2, I could access the media folder, but only ftp access or host access can see if it still contains files and if they are accessible via the host control panel. If they are then it is permission issue or your links may have the wrong URL.

But please reply to the questions or say you don't know as we are going over the same issues.
Do you have ftp access?
Can you see sub directories and are the images in the places you expect them to be?
Can you access an image vis it's URL if you copy it from the ftp address, is so then it would appear you may have a broken links and not a permission problem :)

38 Jan 05, 2018 23:04

My host's control panel provides a file manager and an ftp manager. Unfortunately, my host's techs do not code, and neither do I.

I do not see anything in either the file manager or ftp manager I would know how to correct, let alone identify as the conflicting files that caused the problem with the media directory upon installation of the failed upgrade.

What am I supposed to be looking for?

39 Jan 05, 2018 23:08

The images and files I uploaded and inserted in previous posts are still in the media directory, but I can no longer upload and insert new ones. If I can't correct that, I will lose readers and potential advertisers.

40 Jan 06, 2018 11:55

I have found a post with an image.

and if I go to
I can see the files, which again means the access it not as designed for b2evolution, or for most websites.

I think I have not understood your problem very well as I had the idea you couldn't access your images, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Please provide a URL of a post that should have images but that does not.

What I'm thinking is the only problem you have is not being able to upload them from the built in option, not that you cannot upload files via ftp and add links to show your images.

For example, untill you sort the [.htaccess]

The [.htaccess] file in your root folder would normally contain a line, as I said before, {Options -Indexes} without the brackets. You can edit or delete or add the [.htaccess] using one from the version you downloaded and are using. Such a line should stop people seeing the list of files in the directories.

Once you've done that the image above should still be available, but not the folder contents

Once that's all done, and you know you can ftp files and show them in your posts, the next thing will be to sort out the problem with the built in upload so you don't have to use ftp.

By the way I almost always use ftp to upload images and then insert the code in the posts.

41 Jan 06, 2018 14:11

The problem I have is not accessing the images already posted on my blog, it's uploading new ones.

Something appears to have corrupted the media directory because there is no longer any way to browse my laptop's downloads, to select one for upload to my blog's media directory, or to insert the image in any new or existing post.

All the existing file images that are linked to posts are all dated November 29 - the date my host restarted my account in order to reimitialize my blog and restore its contents, which I feared I had lost.

Unfortunately, while I recovered the blog, I lost the ability to post new images on it.

How do I fix this problem? Can I migrate the blog to a new download of the script without recreating the same corrupted media directory?

42 Jan 06, 2018 17:56

If you know how to ftp then you can send your images to your website. A few times I've asked about your ability to use ftp but in each case you have not answered.

If you don't know how to ftp then make that clear and you can be helped with that.
The two ways to to send files to your webspace will be 1. via an ftp application that you access via your hosting account and 2. by an application from your computer. I would recommend Filezilla for the later.

Once you have established ftp access you should be able to send new images etc.

One problem I have is that you do not seem to be responding to the queries about the ftp or the htaccess.

Sort the htaccess
Sort the ftp

and you will have proper function in terms of being able to post new images, embed them on your site and protect your directories from unauthorised access.

As far as not being able to access the files on your laptop from b2evolution that is an inconvenience but should not stop the ftp access to post new images nor to have them display in your posts.

If you are only concerned with the inbuilt method try the above to get the site as you would then work on the other issue.

If you do not want to use ftp to send your images and also do not want to insert the images via a plugin or code then you will need to get the problem of accessing your laptop files.

If the later is the only option you are willing to try then yes you could start with a new install but that seems to be where your problem arose.

I asked why the blog is in a sub folder but you didn't respond to that and it may be the case that you have used different names when you reinstalled and the conflict is your configuration of b2evolution.

But to be sure that is the case please try to ensure you can ftp images and insert them as I've indicated.

Someone else may be keen to just help with the configuration issues first but that's not how I choose to go forward from here

43 Jan 06, 2018 20:12

I discussed your recommendations with my host, but they don't code, and neither do I.

I need a fix for the corrupted media directory so I can insert images in my blog posts again. If I can't do that, I need to migrate my blog's contents to a new platform.

44 Jan 07, 2018 12:23

You still don't seem to be answering the simple question as to whether you can ftp a file. If you can you can send a new [/.htaccess] and any other file or image you like.

Sending the [.htaccess] will stop abuse of your bandwidth and you will be able to insert any image as follows:

In your posts where you want an image juts type
<img src="" width="600" alt="sunset" />

You will then have an image with the stated width and an alternative description should the image for some reason not appear and providing audible description for the blind.

The source of the image src="" will be wherever you ftp the files

Try putting the code above in one of your posts to see how it works, then change the width and URL

For all the current images you have the URL's are available for anyone to see as you do not have the common [/.htaccess] directive.

45 Jan 07, 2018 19:13

Amoun, I repeat: I do not know how to "ftp" downloaded images from my laptop to my blog with the code you provided.

The only solution left to me is to manually copy and paste all 276 posts on my blog to a new platform. It is a lot of work and will take a lot of time, but I do not know any other way to fix a corrupted media directory..

47 Jan 08, 2018 00:38

I appreciate both your offer and Amoun's to help me. I am not ungrateful. However, the alternative method of uploading images you both provided with links is not available to me either.

I called my host several times today to seek assistance with implementing Amoun's other recommendation. My host's techs were unable to help, but one of them referred me to the b2evolution manual, too.

48 Jan 09, 2018 19:25

@njjoyce wrote earlier:

the alternative method of uploading images you both provided with links is not available to me either.

To upload you need the address to send to which is
Using Filezilla create a directory [img]

To use Filezilla or any other ftp agent you will use your login id and password that you or your host created when the site was instigated.

Once you have Filezilla configured you just click on the files in your laptop and away they go to your site.

I see mgsolipa has offered to help via private messaging. Presumably this is so that you can have a 'secure' method to provide the user details I have mentioned. Anyone with such details can manage your site so there's no reason why you could not do so.

Are you a bit out of your depth with having to ftp files and use Filezilla for example, and is adding code beyond your knowledge.

As I said all you have to type to add an image is <img src="" width="600" alt="sunset" /> did you try it?

To show you how easy it is go to my site and you will see the sunset image. This is just a link to the file on your website with the code above. The whole text of the post is just that piece of code which includes the <> brackets.

Once you see how easy it is to insert an image you may be more inclined to use ftp to sent more to your website.

49 Jan 09, 2018 20:18

Amoun, you misunderstand; my control panel does not offer me the option to do as you recommend. I hope your associate is able to fix my site's issues.


50 Jan 09, 2018 20:25

Amoun, success! Thank you both so very, very much for your help.


51 Jan 09, 2018 23:18

Wow it took some time but it's good you're happy. So what was the problem?

I've removed the post on my website that I mentioned in my last post, but I notice you still have public access to your files as spoken of before. The [.htaccess] issue

52 Jan 10, 2018 01:01

The problem was a file permission issue. Somehow it was changed.

I don't remember changing it.

You are right about also fixing the files that are now public. I will try your fix for the problem.


53 Jan 11, 2018 16:33

Amoun, I can't use FileZilla because the program does not support my Windows XP operating system.

54 Jan 11, 2018 16:53

Amoun, I tried to edit the .htaccess code so that it is no longer public, but I was not successful.

How do I change the below code so it is no longer public:



55 Jan 14, 2018 16:48

the file just has to have the code as mentioned in post 31

the line starts with Options not a hash sign as that would mean it's ignored and such lines are used for comments
the - means no access without Index

So the only access to the folder would be to serve up any index.*** file in order of preference designed elsewhere.

So if you create an [index.html] file with no content, any access will give a blank page or any other content you create as in my 403 error page. Else you would get a standard 403 error meaning 'no authorisation to view this directory' Such an index file can be anything and redirect to any other URL

Still if there is a command {Options +Index) then it will show the contents of the directory, so that would have to be removed if it follows the restrict version.

Now which [.htaccess] file to edit? For your blog it would be the one that is in the same folder as the (conf, ... media .... skins) directories are, not in any one of them. The command/directive will cover all sub directories. So if you had a [public_html/family_images] directory and you paced it as you indicate [/home6/joycebla/public_html/.htaccess] then you could not browse the contents of the [family_images] and could only access individual files if you knew the exact path/URL

Hope I haven't given you too much info.

56 Jan 14, 2018 18:44

Whether you did or you didn't overwhelm my limited knowledge of coding remains to be seen. In any case, I need to start somewhere. Without knowing how to code, I can't administer my site.

By the way, Amoun, how do I fix the coding that was changed for my blog's search engine?

Several years ago, I noticed that when I did a search for certain names reported in my posts, then clicked on some of the teasers among the results, I received the message, "Sorry, nothing to display..."

The referenced post was still there, but my search engine would not display it.

I mentioned the issue to mgsolipa, but never heard back from him.

Can you help?


57 Jan 16, 2018 20:49

Create a separate post for this :) each different topic, more likely to get a read when it's new and easier to follow. This one has probably done it's course.

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