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1 Mar 15, 2020 19:54    

I know this is aesthetics but I hate the B2 logo at the bottom and want to remove it.

I would rather have a link at the bottom that points back to B2 instead, kind of like the backend

I found a site that shows you how to completely remove the logo but I want a link back to b2evolution.

I am using b2evolution 7.1.2-beta and Bootstrap Blocks Blog

b2 logo
b2 logo

2 Mar 15, 2020 20:51

Would have been easier if you have Do you mean this.

There's code you can paly with
<div class="powered_by"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener" title="b2evolution CMS"><img src="/rsc/img/powered-by-b2evolution-120t.gif" alt="Complete website engine" title="b2evolution CMS" width="120" height="32" border="0" /></a></div> </div>

or you can remove it via the back office Settings > Advanced > Software Credits

So you can remove it and put whatever you want in the footer

You could make changes to a copy of the skin :)

3 Mar 16, 2020 01:59

OK I will play with that tonight. I added 2 attachments to that post but I have no clue where they went to. Let me see what damage I can do and I'll get back to you:)

4 Mar 16, 2020 07:25

OK. I cant find your code anywhere to play with.
Software credits I have set to ZERO, to no avail
I did find code in the skins at index.main.php
However, this doesn't work on bootstrap_Main but does work on bootstrap_blocks.

Any tips?

(Hopefully the image I attached works. if it doesn't, go here. and scroll to bottom)

5 Mar 16, 2020 08:59

That code was the html from source i.e. after php

For example :: The code in v 6.11.5 is /skins/bootstrap_blogs_skin/index.main.php is

			// Please help us promote b2evolution and leave this logo on your blog:
			powered_by( array(
					'block_start' => '<div class="powered_by">',
					'block_end'   => '</div>',
					// Check /rsc/img/ for other possible images -- Don't forget to change or remove width & height too
					'img_url'     => '$rsc$img/powered-by-b2evolution-120t.gif',
					'img_width'   => 120,
					'img_height'  => 32,
				) );

Personally I don't have the logo or link at the bottom. I have a section of 'promotions' in the left column and have placed my own credit there.

Have you changed your site since yesterday?
Just checked again and it's different five min later :)

6 Mar 16, 2020 10:42

Found it! In the Main Blog Skin, it is hidden in front.main.php
And yep I blew it up so reinstalled 6.1 - fixed- then upgraded to 7.1.2
Now I have the link back to b2evolution without the bottom logo.

But........ I love the looks on how you did the logos on your site on the left. I might do that when I am finishing blowing up my site :-)

P.S. I just learned not to uncheck " Enable site skins:
Enables a sitewide header and footer"

7 Mar 16, 2020 20:38

So you're still having fun and now we have more excuses to stay at home and play online.

Take care :)

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