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1 Feb 07, 2020 18:06    


I often get the error message by email: "Error in Task: Prune old files from page cache" - In this email there are listed all about more than thousand events, some, where old cached files could have been deleted, but many others, not older than 24 hours, could not have been deleted. (see fig.1) In backend the error is shown as figured in fig 2.

Hope somebody can help me to fix this


Error in Task: Prune old files from page cache


Error in Task: Prune old files from page cache

Thanks in Advance and Regards, Will

2 Feb 11, 2020 01:25


The following frequent issues seem to apply to your support request: (This is a semi-automated response):

  • Screenshot does not show the error message

You probably need to scroll to the bottom to see the error.

3 Feb 11, 2020 10:02

@fplanque here there are additional screenshots:

fig 1 - End of E-mail notification

fig 2 Error in Job Details in Backend, Planer

4 Feb 11, 2020 16:14

Not deleting files that are less than 24 hours old is part of the normal behavior of this task and this is not the reason why there is an error. You may see some similar tasks without errors in your log.

Please look for another error message, for example please check permissions.

We will stop making the "<24 hour" files look like errors in the next version.

5 Feb 11, 2020 17:17

@fplanque There are no other error messages, as far as I see
The permissions:
_cache CHMOD 0750
within _cache folders have permission CHMOD 0775 (except folder plugins CHMOD 0750)

6 Feb 11, 2020 21:17

version 6.11.5 will remove the orange for <24hrs files; it should help you better locate the real error.

7 Feb 14, 2020 21:35

@fplanque After having upgraded to 6.11.5 and after clearing all caches I got that message again, although in 6.11.5 you removed the orange for <24hrs fils. - no additional error messages have been generated.

8 Feb 14, 2020 21:49

So you are saying you have 1200 lines of action log and NO SINGLE line has a colored message now? Is it possible you scrolled too fast to see it?

9 Feb 15, 2020 18:28

@fplanque You're right. There are few orange colored lines. See screenshot. But do these files cause the error? How do they come into the cache Folder? And why did they stay there although I cleaned the caches by maintenance? The same files are in _cache folder of another installation at another hosts' and there they don't cause any troubles like error messages.
Do you have an idea for a fix?

10 Feb 16, 2020 23:14

No, the status of the task will only return "Error" if it contains errors like these:

  • ...could not be deleted, please check permissions
  • Cannot access directory:

And why did they stay there although I cleaned the caches by maintenance?

Those special files should be there and stay there.

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