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Backoffice -> System Takes 5 Minutes To load

Started by on Jul 19, 2019 – Contents updated: Jul 22, 2019

Jul 19, 2019 19:53    

When I log in and click System, it takes a very long time for it to come up. All other modules load instantly.

System status
Instance name
b2evolution version
6.11.2-stable released on 06/13/19
b2evolution version 6.11.2-stable-2019-06-13 is now available. For best security, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version. Download here.

Media directory
OK - /home2/thomassw/public_html/blogs/media/
Warning: .htaccess differs from sample.htaccess
Install folder
Internal b2evo charset
Blog count
Cache directory
OK - /home2/thomassw/public_html/blogs/_cache/
Cache folder size
108 MB
General caching
Blog's cache setting
1 enabled /1 blogs
Server time
07/19/19 - 11:46:17 am
GMT / UTC time
07/19/19 - 05:46:17 pm
b2evolution time
07/19/19 - 01:46:17 pm
MySQL version
MySQL UTF-8 support
PHP running as USER:
thomassw (uid 1389)
PHP running as GROUP:
thomassw (gid 1391)
PHP version
PHP register_globals
PHP allow_url_include
PHP Magic Quotes
PHP upload_max_filesize
PHP post_max_size
post_max_size should be larger than upload_max_filesize
PHP memory_limit
The memory_limit is too low. Some features like image manipulation will fail to work.
PHP forced max_execution_time
600 seconds
b2evolution was able to request more time (than the default 30 seconds) to execute complex tasks.
PHP mbstring extension
PHP XML extension
PHP IMAP extension
PHP opcode cache
Using an opcode cache allows all your PHP scripts to run faster by caching a "compiled" (opcode) version of the scripts instead of recompiling everything at every page load. Several opcode caches are available. We recommend APC (which is included with PHP starting from PHP 7).
PHP user cache
Using an user cache allows b2evolution to store some cached data (Block Cache) in memory instead of regenerated the blocks at each page load. Several user caches are available. We recommend APCu (which needs to be enabled separately from APC, starting from PHP 7).
GD Library (image handling)
GD Library version
bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
GD JPG Support
GD PNG Support
GD GIF Support
GD FreeType Support

Jul 19, 2019 20:08

As you have updated to 6.11.2 the line

b2evolution version 6.11.2-stable-2019-06-13 is now available. For best security, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version. Download here

shows some file has not been updated properly which may indicate a loop in assessing the version number.

You can look at an earlier similar note, though in that case there was a warning too

Still you may want to check the config file mentioned.

How do you access the System option via the evo_bar or once in the back office.

Jul 19, 2019 21:28

Usually backoffice, but going through the nav bar yields the same result.

Jul 20, 2019 00:48

I replaced the application.php file with the one from the latest download, but still the same issue.

Jul 22, 2019 11:20

Hi sorry about the request. The usual idea is for the problem screenshot to display the url, i.e. a fullscreen shot not just the error/warning text.

I have your site from
The url that indicates the problem is of no use as you would have to be the admin to see anything other than the login form.

I was looking at your code, did you embed the blog yourself in your site?
Your site uses html4 whereas the blog is html5, no big deal you can see from

As you have reinstalled I can't imagine what the problem can be and of course cannot see it.
Will think on it and respond again.

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