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1 Jul 17, 2019 21:41    


I have running two installations on different hoster`s webspace. On both there is version 6.11.2 runnung. But one installation shows a system warning information, that this version is outdated (see fig. 1) while the other does not show such warning.
How to fix this? Or doesn't it matter for later auto upgrades?

Thanks and Regards, Will

WARNING: You are running an outdated development version (6.11.2-stable-2019-07-03)
WARNING: You are running an outdated development version (6.11.2-stable-2019-07-03)

2 Jul 17, 2019 22:05

Clearly a messed up and mixed up message :) I wonder what the devs will say.

As the date on the Warning is not a date of release for any version I wonder if you have applied any modifications from git-hub, as they do have other dates, which somehow may have got read by mistake.

3 Jul 18, 2019 23:41

@saunders You probably did a manual upgrade and did it incorrectly. The release date is wrong. It means your conf/_application.php file is not the correct/official release file.

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