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1 Mar 25, 2019 22:47    


Out of four collections - links for post moderation in one out of that links received by message the link does not work.

Following you'll find the screenshots including debug message, and in attachment the orig. debug report.
I hope, that someone can help to fix this bug.

Regards, Will

bad_request_die - LInk Problem in Message Post Moderation


2 Mar 26, 2019 21:43

The error message seems to be saying the email ID is invalid, which could mea you deleted the email log before clicking that link. Is that possible?

3 Mar 27, 2019 07:52

@saunders Can you please confirm 3 of 4 collections has an url started with /blogs/htsrv/email_passthrough.php?email_ID=2389& and only one has a wrong url /blogs/htsrv/email_passthrough.php?email_ID=%202389&(I see this url on your "Debug_Protocoll.jpg")?

If yes, then it is strange why %20(space char) is appended there.
Can you please try to open the same url from different email client tool?


4 Mar 27, 2019 15:03

@fplanque I clicked the link right after I received it by mail - means immediately.

@yurabakhtin It's only this link. All other link work fine. Sorry I can not try it from another mail client program, other than thunderbird. But I can not believe that the bug may be caused by the client.

Thanks and Regards

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