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1 Dec 02, 2021 20:26    

Hi @amoun
I'll get tricky (towards GDPR) contace messages. I want to translate the text into german and give some more information eg Art. 13 GDPR.

In case I'll edit _contact_msg.form.php the changes are not shown.
I'm not sure if changing files in skins_fallback_v5 or v6 is a good idea at all.
What do you advise me?

Thanks and regards, will

2 Dec 03, 2021 13:33

The idea is to copy the file to the /skins/U_USE and edit the file there.

It doesn't matter if you change it in the fallbacks but it will then effect every skin that 'fallbacks'

3 Dec 04, 2021 11:12

@amoun thx; for your support.
in /skins/ there is no folder named /U_USE

May be I should have mentioned that I am still using 6.11.5 resp .7

And I want, that all collections show the updated contact form.

I also tried to edit the messages.po in locals/LC_MESSAGES

#: ../../../skins_fallback_v6/_contact_msg.form.php:125
msgid ""
"Ihre E-Mail Adresse wird auf dieser Webseite <strong>nicht</strong> angezeigt ABER "
"sie wird an die Person geschicht werden, die Sie kontaktieren wollen. Andernfalls könnte wäre diese nicht in der Lage darauf zu antworten"
"und zu versuchen Ihnen bei Ihrem Anliegen zu helfen."
"Eine darüber hinausgehende Verarbeitung Ihrer personenbezogenen Angaben erfolgt nicht."
msgstr ""

but this does not show any effect either, neither changing translation in locales/de_DE

Any idea? Thanks in advance

4 Dec 04, 2021 12:05

@Amoun - it works, changing _contact_msg.form.php - in skins_fallback_v6. I forgot to empty my browsers cache.
Many thanks to you for taking care of the orphaned b2evolution forum. This is really helpful!
Have a good time and stay healthy!
Regards, Will

5 Dec 04, 2021 14:33


I meant in whatever skin you use [/skins/U_USE} :)

And just in case you have a collection in another languge that uses a different /skin/ then you would not wantv the edit to be in the [fallbacks]

Basically you can/aredavisedto copy any fielefrom the [fallbacks] to the skin you are using. Upgrades would overwrite the [fallbacks] ~ as if there are likely to be any :(

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