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1 Dec 02, 2021 20:26    

Hi @amoun
I'll get tricky (towards GDPR) contace messages. I want to translate the text into german and give some more information eg Art. 13 GDPR.

In case I'll edit _contact_msg.form.php the changes are not shown.
I'm not sure if changing files in skins_fallback_v5 or v6 is a good idea at all.
What do you advise me?

Thanks and regards, will

2 Dec 03, 2021 13:33

The idea is to copy the file to the /skins/U_USE and edit the file there.

It doesn't matter if you change it in the fallbacks but it will then effect every skin that 'fallbacks'

3 Dec 04, 2021 14:33


I meant in whatever skin you use [/skins/U_USE} :)

And just in case you have a collection in another languge that uses a different /skin/ then you would not wantv the edit to be in the [fallbacks]

Basically you can/aredavisedto copy any fielefrom the [fallbacks] to the skin you are using. Upgrades would overwrite the [fallbacks] ~ as if there are likely to be any :(

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