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1 Apr 05, 2018 17:07    


I recognize increasing numbers of users, who register for fetching some comunity/ memeber content, and than disappear again, without closing their accounts or asking me for deletion.
Is there a way to filter users, who have not been active (logged in) for a while (option, e.g. 2 months). This way I could contact those users ask them to log in or to take into account, that their access will be deleted. And than a deletion process would be fine, that filtered users can be mass deleted.

This also reduces GDPR risks

Would appreciate that feature.

Regards, Will

2 Apr 05, 2018 21:19

Yes it makes sense. We will add this ("User last seen date") as part of a new query builder for filtering users (it has gotten a very complex thing with mailing lists).

Any other criteria you need for filtering users?

3 Apr 05, 2018 21:31

@fplanque great. Looking forward to the version.

Another criteria? What would be fine (but not necessary): selecting users by activity, engagement, interaction.This could offer the option to collect highly engaged users into a special group (A-Users ;-) to deliver special content that probably would be "waste" for C-Users.

Makes sense in bundling valuable users, nurturing them and push their engagement.

4 Apr 05, 2018 23:31

How do you define "high engagement" ?

5 Apr 06, 2018 21:33

I meant al selected and ordered list, ordered by sum of posts, (meta) comments, messages. or weightend, e.g post counts twice, messages half. Then tick-boxes to activate selected (or so) for bundling them in a group.
But I suppose that the ratio of effort to usage is not economical.

6 Apr 06, 2018 22:36

In that case we're no longer talking about filtering but about ordering.

We might indeed order by number fo posts or number of messages. If we start to aggregate with a formula it's a very different beast because we need to come up with a formula that works for everyone... or a formula editor which is nearly insane.

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