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Export a collection to another database

Started by on Feb 08, 2019 – Contents updated: Oct 01, 2019

Feb 08, 2019 23:14    

I'm moving host and creating new blogs(collections), most are just replicas so I can import the database, but what if I want to move just one collection ??

Just wondering if there is a script that can collect all the data of a single collection in a blog, save it as an sql file and then import it to another database.

Feb 09, 2019 01:54

Best bet would be to delete all collections but the one you want then backup the collection you do, maybe?

Feb 09, 2019 02:07

The problem is that I want to add a single collection from one blog to multiple collections in another. Am I asking for the moon to shine brighter !o!

Feb 09, 2019 02:25

Oh. There is a setting in the backend that will allow you to do that. I will have to find it but it can be done.

Feb 09, 2019 02:46

Wow if that's right that's great. Thanks
2am here in the UK so will see if you've found ought after sunrise

Feb 09, 2019 21:52

Darned if I can do it again or figure it out but this is what I remembered.
On my "community blog" everyone wanted Paranormal stories but I already had a "Paranormal Blog". I was able to set it up so I could post into both blogs simultaneously.
I am trying to figure it out again as I need that feature.

Feb 10, 2019 18:58

We developed an export function but I think it's only in v7.

Feb 11, 2019 02:26

I'm about to upgrade to 7 so that will be great.

Thanks wow!

Sep 28, 2019 00:28

@wrc wrote earlier:

I have created a b2evo 7.0.1 installation. I want to import data from a 6.11.3 site. I exported the schema and data to a local DB. I edited basic config.php to reflect the imported DB.
I get the schema not up to date error. What can I do?

I changed the file permission to to reflect a suggestion from @fplanque (another post)

What can I do?

Clearly the database for 7. won't accept one from 6. without updating. Would it be ok to update the 6.11.3 to 7.0.1 first. ??

Sep 28, 2019 16:58

@wrc wrote earlier:

I have created a b2evo 7.0.1 installation. I want to import data from a 6.11.3 site.

If you want this to work, proceed in this order:

  1. Create a new 6.11.3 install
  2. import your data
  3. then upgrade to 7.x

Sep 28, 2019 21:59


The following frequent issues seem to apply to your support request: (This is a semi-automated response):

  • screenshot cropped too narrow, doesn't show context, cannot be used effectively. We need to see exactly what b2evo displayed BEFORE the error to know where the error happens.

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