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1 Feb 13, 2019 19:21    

Hi I had four such widgets and since moving host and upping to php7 they have all been effectively cleansed. Probably nothing to do with those updates ???
So does anyone have an idea of how this could happen. I suppose the detail was in the database.

2 Feb 15, 2019 10:42

I haven't seen anything similar.

3 Feb 15, 2019 13:05

They were still listed under the widgets and in their designated position in the side_bar, just empty. Putting them back one at a time :)

4 Feb 16, 2019 23:36

I did check some FreeHTML widgets of mine; they were upgraded without issue.

5 Feb 18, 2019 07:56

Hi @amoun, I don't understand what empty exactly you have.

You wrote the widgets are still listed in back-office, if yes, what do you see in the widget settings "Block title", "Block content"?
Are empty values of the settings or they are filled as before?
If the values are NOT empty what do you see on the public sidebar?

Can you please enabled mode "Show containers"( - "4. Get familiar with the Containers") to be sure the widgets really exist in the sidebar container?

It would be good if you show screenshots. Thanks.

6 Feb 18, 2019 16:15


No screen_shts as deleted widgets.

I had four FreeHTML widgets in and then they disappeared from the front office/page.
On looking at the widgets, although all FreeHtml widgets existed in the sidebar in the previous allocated positions, they had no content.

I never gave any of them a Block Title only Block content, it was the content that had disappeared, so I deleted the widgets and started from scratch

7 Feb 19, 2019 12:53

@amoun I reviewed the code and don't find how they can be disappeared.

The content and all widget settings are stored in the database table T_widget, column wi_params, the stored value is a serialized array e-g a:5:{s:5:"title";s:21:"Your block title text";s:7:"content";s:29:"Your block title content text";s:16:"widget_css_class";s:0:"";s:9:"widget_ID";s:0:"";s:16:"allow_blockcache";i:0;}. Probably when you moved database to new hosting the data were broken somehow, e-g if your export/import tool doesn't enough escape chars like " if you did this by some exporter which does this as text file of database dump, in such case the serialized values may be broken.

Sorry but we cannot know how you did the moving, only if you can give us more details, thanks.

8 Feb 21, 2019 14:30

@yurabakhtin Hi
Thanks. I had found the data table.

My trnasfer was the usual

  1. phpMyAdmin > Export to a file
  2. Create identical database on new host (name, user, password)
  3. Install new b2evo
  4. drop all tables
  5. Import previously exported sql file

As you indicated some where the code in the table was unacceptable.

I have done this a number of time before without a problem. Maybe some sql version differences and from mySql to MariaDB.

It will be hard to understand from my point as I'm unlikely to do the same again and from your point there are so many variables.

Thanks for your comments but I wasn't expecting a solution to a problem that doesn't exist any more, so thanks again.

9 Feb 25, 2019 13:22

@amoun Ok, thank you for additional investigation, then we have closed this topic.

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