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1 Feb 27, 2019 17:48    


I tried to search several terms, like: Theresa "Carl Schmitt" But the results refer to a search without having used quotation marks. It seems that no operator (eg Boolean) works for search. This way I get an endless list of resutls, only qualified by numbers of percentage of relevance.
Is there a way first to filter by search terms woking with operators and then show relevance?

Thanks and Regards; Will

3 Feb 27, 2019 20:51

A simple improvement could be

a) to search for the string of words in the order they are given, even if not surrounded by quotes
b) search for any of the words that are separated by commas

[dog eats fish] will only find post that have the exact phrase,
[dog, eats, fish] will find any post that has any of the terms starting with the first

Lots of boolean would be useful but a start is a beginning.

4 Feb 27, 2019 23:50

You should try v7. I know there are search improvements. I don't remember details from the top of my head though.

5 Feb 28, 2019 09:52


Still weird. For example :: On default setup with demo content
Searching for
"own am" brings up "markdown examples" 67%
own am brings up "markdown examples 100%
ownam brings up nothing

The issue is that "own am" should be the same as ownam as there is a clear intention of finding the phrase "own am" which doesn't exist

By adding a post with the words "own' and "am" that are not adjacent I get same results as above but my post tops lists as in the first two cases.

It is odd that by surroundings the search terms as in the first example there is any result, though it can be read that as in this case it is only 67% it is not a full match and the actual term as given is not found.

Still it all seems a bit strange, though what is looked for is found :)

6 Feb 28, 2019 10:20

OK this is a combo reply to three posts.

Given the problem with 'poor docs' and
how to help with docs

I added a few keywords to a comment on the issue of how to edit the sitewide header.

I then searched for site wide header to no avail but lo an dbehold when searching for
"site wide header" the coment was the top result leading me to the post @flpanque directed to to.

1) the search works fine, although docs on that would do.
2) comments on the docs can be very usefull
3) all is good, c'est bien, das gut

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