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1 Mar 22, 2018 16:45    

b2e 6.9.6

I recognized, that users who registered for one collection and joined a member group special for this collection, can register for each newsletter of any collection on the instance. (see fig.) I do not know if any newsletter of another collection, additional to the one the user is a member of, are delivered.
But, in any case, I want to avoid that users can see a list of collections on this instance. How can I handle this?

Regards, Will

3 Apr 04, 2018 14:18

Hello, someone out there in the b2e universe? I would appreciate any reply or feedback, just for self-ensuring someone recognized this ticket.

4 Apr 04, 2018 22:45

Yes saw the ticket :) and the other :(

I've never used the option so hope someone gets to you on this soon

All the best

6 Apr 05, 2018 21:31

@saunders In this case, are you taking about subscribing to collections or subscribing to email lists? (The way you use the word "newsletter" is VERY ambiguous).

What about the choices in the drop down lists: should NO-one be able to subscribe to the other collections/other lists or should there be some specific rules? What would the rules be?

7 Apr 05, 2018 21:45

@fplanque sorry, the screenshot shows german language. The feature invites to subscribe Collections.

Whats behind the question: I have several collections, some privat (but public) and some belonging to my business. If a user joins e.g. a Member-Group of a special business collection I want to avoid that she probably gets an impression of a collection bazaar ;-) I want collections be strictly separated. Therefore I have two different instances on two different hosts with overall 15 collections. To keep the two instances separated is no problem. but within the instance I want to keep each collection as far as possible away from each other collection. (Although I highly appreciate the option to post cross-collections! But this follows strategic intentions).

8 Apr 05, 2018 23:30

About collections in a single instance of b2evolution: are these collections of the same website or different websites (in a single b2evo install)?

9 Apr 06, 2018 21:36

in each install; same domain, but different subdomains

10 Apr 06, 2018 22:34

Again: are the different subdomains different websites which are supposed to be independent or are the subdomains part of a global navigation that ties them all together (the same way that is the SAME WEBSITE as ?

11 Apr 06, 2018 22:41

the websites are independent, all are stand alone blogs, with different communities and readers.

12 Apr 08, 2018 14:59

blogs or collections.

Surely if each blog is an independent engine they will have independent databases and so no cross over.

If each 'stand alone blog' uses the same database they are collectively a collection

13 Apr 08, 2018 20:29

@amoun no; it is one installation, one database, but different subdomains, totally different blogs with totaly different topics and different value. (One is even privat.) And yes, subscription is about collections.
(Posts before I mentioned a second installation at another host, with different blogs, too; The problem is not between the two installations, but within the installations.) It's about multiblogging.

14 Apr 08, 2018 20:54

ok, so one install with multiple unrelated sites, hence unrelated subscriptions. We do have a feature for this coming up in b2evo version 7.

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