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1 Feb 28, 2016 09:53    

I am trying to setup a new blog on , maybe I should try somewhere else as I am not happy but its free so I will try again.

I used Softaculous to install b2evolution and it failed.

I then uploaded b2evolution manually and started the setup manually and it went thru partly and then came up

"The database is not installed yet!

The b2evolution files are present on your server, but it seems the database is not yet set up as expected.

For more information, please visit our Getting Stated / Installation Guide.

MySQL error:
Table 'b22_17504487_futuremuse.evo_settings' doesn't exist(Errno=1146)"

The database is there and I thinks its okay.

Any ideas?

3 Feb 29, 2016 06:57

@mgsolipa wrote earlier:

@bernard_zimmermann did you check your _basic_config.php settings are ok?

Other then this is there something I should look for
$db_config = array(
'user' => '', // your MySQL username
'password' => '', // ...and password
'name' => '', // the name of the database
'host' => '', // MySQL Server (typically 'localhost')

What exactly does this mean??

Table 'b22_17504487_futuremuse.evo_settings' doesn't exist(Errno=1146)"

4 Mar 01, 2016 06:30

@bernard_zimmermann I wonder why all of the rows are empty. You can see here how that section should look like:

Please confirm, the section you pasted is exactly like that, or did you remove the values from each row before to post the comment?

You can delete that file and try the install again ( b2evolution will ask you for the database settings (you should look for them on the cPanel byethost sent to you on the register) and re-create the _basic_config.php file. You should also delete all the tables of the database b22_17504487_futuremuse.

6 Mar 01, 2016 07:08

mgsolipa thank you very much for your help.

I suspected as much.

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