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1 Mar 08, 2016 04:18    

I have one user, an admin. I later deleted the default organization and added my own. Now, at the bottom of the home page, instead of my image showing up, I get an error, "Requested team was now found."

I can't find anywhere in Users or Organizations where a team setting would be found.


2 Mar 08, 2016 05:26

Hi @danoshea

Please go to the the Back-office, then:

  1. At tab Users->Organizations , find ID of your organization.
  2. Edit the collection, at the tab Widgets , find and edit the Organization Members widget, change the value of 'Organization ID'(the default value is 1 which points to the default organization, because you had deleted it, so you got the message "Requested team was not found.") to the id of your organization.

3 Mar 08, 2016 06:23

Hi Haharen,

I did as you suggested. My ID was "2" and I changed and saved. It didn't change it. I even deleted it and refreshed and the widget was still there. I then added the widget again and when it came up the default was "1", i changed it to "2" and it still made no change, it still says "Requested team not found."

4 Mar 08, 2016 06:27

Ahh, got it! I have to remember there are settings for each Collection! (Just learning!)

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! Much appreciated.


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