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So I'm upgrading core files again. If you subscribe to blog X and it gets posts aggregated into it from blog Y and blog Y gets a post you should get notified. That is *done*. To test it I fired up IE and started subscribing. Only thing is it told me I… More »

Sep 01, 2009 03:23  
Hooray for [url=]Laibcoms![/url] Drinks for everyone - on [url=]Laibcoms![/url] Seriously, congratulations man. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy :) More »

Sep 11, 2009 03:46  
I am installing b2evo for the first time. I am pulling my hair out, because: a) I am getting a loop situation that states "You must log in" b) I login (jbm/*******) -real password hidden c) I get the message Either you have not enabled cookies… More »

Aug 14, 2009 01:45  
My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x I saw this link listed on the main recent blogs: and it looks like a really nice site -- then I viewed the source to check the b2evo version (don't know why) and saw that it… More »

Aug 15, 2009 18:10  
To get 330 even close to useful. Avatars are NOT needed. They should not be in the core, and if for some reason they stay there then they need to be something the owner can turn off. It looks like a kiddie app is why. Posts types are cool - something… More »

Jul 16, 2009 15:32  
My b2evolution Version: 2.4.7 So I'm doing a web for a band in England. Or wherever it is they used pounds for money. The gentleman mentioned how he would like to go away from selling actual physical media over to individual tracks for a pound a pop. I… More »

Jul 11, 2009 09:50  
As much for it's markup ( no ID's, No Div's, No Classes ) as for the Video topic.. Video for Everybody is very simply a chunk of HTML code that embeds a video into a website using the HTML5 <video>… More »

Jul 13, 2010 23:27  
Some years back a friend of mine bought a domain and while it was a little harsher back then it still caries some weight and a pretty blatant message. Anyone is free to bookmark and use to replace links that are less desirable… More »

Jun 29, 2009 18:41  
I read something about it but cant find it now. Anyone know how long before we can expect a stable v 3.x ? I have moved domains, upgraded to 3.2 from 2.3 and having a few problems which I believe CVS can fix but Ive not done the CVS thing to date and… More »

Jul 05, 2009 10:03  
[url=]SoundManager 2: Javascript Sound For The Web[/URL] "SoundManager 2 makes it easier to play sounds using Javascript By wrapping and extending Flash 8's sound API, SoundManager 2 brings solid… More »

Jul 23, 2009 13:31  
I've used 'em ever since I've been using b2evo because I thought that was "the way". I think maybe three times I've actually put something in them other than a blog ID. So I'm kinda curious about how much actually can be done with a stub file.… More »

May 01, 2009 18:17  
I would like to learn PHP so I can contribute to B2E. But, I only have HTML and a little javascript experience. I would like to know how I should get started? Any books or sites (for newbies) that the more knowledgeable among us could recommend? Also,… More »

Aug 05, 2009 20:50  
My b2evolution Version: Hello! I'm new here. I've been browsing tons of forums for an idea of what to do. I was laid off from my job about 3 month ago. I've been looking for a job since then, but did not even get a single interview. I worked as a web… More »

Apr 03, 2009 13:02  
I would like to know, from anyone who has a moment, why does it seem to be so important to upgrade your B2evo version? Is there anything (actually) wrong with just keeping the version that is otherwise working for you and you're happy with? Pros and… More »

Apr 13, 2009 18:49  
They seem to latch on to a specific post and spam it to death. Dunno why, but I've now got a second post that is *the* key identifier in who is a spammer. And guess what? One day the scourge will end then a bit of time will pass then they'll hit it like… More »

Apr 29, 2009 14:17  
I just thought I'd say that I'm flying off to Hong Kong in a few hours for a much needed week off. As we are probably dragging the laptop with us, you never know, I may pop in to say hello as we sip Pims on the veranda at the Peninsula in Kowloon.... More »

Apr 14, 2009 21:54  
Why am I reading about making skins and plugins work with v3? I mean, when v2 came out we had to upgrade skins we were told Combing through all these tags to make them future proof is what currently takes the most time and holds back the release of… More »

Mar 14, 2009 17:48  

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