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1 Mar 16, 2019 03:31    


I am moving a blog to a new host to benefit from php7.2
To do this I am first ftp-ing the old site/files v6.10.4, and when working will update it to 6.10.7

The issue is that currently the blog is in a sub directory /blog/ [] and I want to move it to []

Steps taken
1) Export the database.
2) Create new empty database on new host with same db-name, user and password
3) Change [basic_config > baseurl] to remove [blog/]
4) Install 6.10.4 with no demo content.
5) Drop all tables form database (Always seems to be the odd one that doesn't disappear, so ensure they are all gone)
6) Make changes to the saved/old database by putting it through a text editor and replacing [/blog/] with [/]
7) Import edited database

2 Mar 16, 2019 12:25

OK Seems to have worked using the new IP via the hosts file.
The link to the site may still access the old site whilst waiting for the nameservers updates to propagate and then will update b2evo.

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