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1 Nov 25, 2016 08:15    

In plugins developers can specify the 'id' element. Please can you consider also allowing the 'class' element to be available?

// Plugin Form item

return array(
'field_name' => array(
 'label' => T_('Label Name Goes Here),
'type' => 'text', // others available also
'id' => $this->classname.'_your_element_name',
'class' => '', // << CSS CLASS 

Some Form items already has class names specified, but it would be very useful if the user defined names could be added in the class elements. I understand that it may not be commonly used, but it is useful non the less and I have encountered the need for this several times during plugin development.

2 Nov 27, 2016 15:02

Ok we'll loook into it.

4 Dec 05, 2016 18:58

I saw that thanks. I think that does the trick.

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