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problem after upgrade from 6.7.4. to 6.7.7.

Started by on Oct 10, 2016 – Contents updated: Oct 19, 2016

Oct 10, 2016 12:22    

Don't know if the upgrade is causing this problem or if there is another reason: i have a setup as described below, after upgrade (with potentially having deleted a hack in a modified file) it is not working anymore. When i want access the second collection (, i get an 'Error 404: NOT FOUND!'

Question 1: are there changes between this two versions that explain the failure?

Question 2: how do i solve the problem?

@mgsolipa wrote earlier:

@ramadama your different blogs approach is correct. Just keep the sub-domain collection URL pointing to its root: For the second collection you can use a stub ( file, so try this:

Create a folder info in the root directory of your site.

  1. Copy & paste index.php and .htaccess to it.
  2. Open info/index.php and do the following:
    1. Modify the first statement to correctly find the config.php main file. i.e.: change it from: require_once dirname(FILE).'/conf/_config.php'; to require_once dirname(FILE).'/../conf/_config.php';
    2. Add the ID of the collection you're pointing to. You can find a line with the following text:
      //A blog has been requested... Let's set a few default params:
      $blog = 99; // Replace 99 by the ID of your own collection
  3. Set the URL Relative to baseurl or Absolute URL. In any case, the final URL should be something like:

That might do the trick. Please let us know.


Oct 11, 2016 00:40

To my knowledge, there is no change that would explain that between 6.7.4 and 6.7.7.

The 404 page is from you web-host, not from b2evolution. It means that the problem is before b2evolution gets a chance to execute. This looks like an htaccess file issue.

Verify that you did not accidentally damage/modify your .htaccess file during upgrade.

Oct 18, 2016 16:06

Thanks a lot Francois, you helped opening my eyes: the mistake was on my side.

I forgot to remember that our b2e runs on another domain, call it and instead of locating the /news-folder in (which is pointing to it has to go to

seems to work now .... ooops: what is wrong that the comment form below the postings does not load? It tries to load, but does not show:

Oct 19, 2016 15:45

The form is probably not loading because you are mixing domains.

You need to check in your browser dev tools where it tries to load the form.

Form is loading...

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