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1 May 03, 2019 11:01    


I tried to delete a category in my blog. But this was not possible because the system has two pages referring to this category.
Checking those page I have found two content blocks related to that category.
Editing those content blocks I recognized that there is no way to address a content block to a category and vice versa to restrain a content blocks from category.

How can I solve this? Do I have to edit database?

Thanks for you support
Regards, Will

The following screenshot shows an edited content block without any options to restrain that form categories

Problem in Deleting a Category

Filtering the content blocks by category list those two content blocks I had to restrain from the category fist to be able to delete the category

Problem in Deleting a Category

2 May 03, 2019 11:16

Hum, we will need to address that.

The content blocks have been created in the default category and now you want to delete the (previously) default category.

What I would do as a temporary solution would be this:

0) Absolutely refrain from poking at the DB which may create inconsistencies that come back to bite you in several months.

1) Make sure the category you are deleting is no longer set as main category

2) re-save the content blocks to see if b2evo assigns them to the new default category (i-e: not the one you want to delete)

3) If that doesn't work, do this procedure:

  • move all posts from another category to this category
  • delete the other category
  • rename this category

3 May 03, 2019 11:51


0 - 2 Thanks, tried, but this did not solve the problem.

ad 3) Because - after two updates - the problem with sorting order remains in this collection (see I tried to replace the actual main category by another. To manage this I shifted all related pages to the new created category which I set as main category. In a next step I wanted to delete the old, replaced main category - and here the problem popped up.

I hope that this sorting order problem is related to this - now replaced - category and will dissolve after having deleted this category (what, by now seems problematic). I presume that the sorting order problem may be affected by probably failed db action)

in case all the ropes snap I will copy the content blocks and delete those ones which are related to the category I want to delete.

Thanks and Regards, Will

4 May 03, 2019 12:31

@saunders ah yes, deleting the content blocks and recreating them is probably the quickest solution at this point.

5 Aug 20, 2019 15:34

Note: will be fixed in next release.

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