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1 Mar 30, 2019 18:46    

Hi guys,

Beginning my first steps here with b2evo, really enjoying a lot. I'm new to this blog world, and as I hate wp plugins this b2evo is a great great alternative!

My question is about the skin previews, I realize that even when I'm logged out I still can manipulate the url's query string and get responses (skin changes), is it normal/desirable behaviour?
The url changes would be like 'http://localhost/b2evolution/?tempskin=horizon_blog_skin' to 'http://localhost/b2evolution/?tempskin=ark_skin' for example.

Thank you,

Public access to skin previews [?tempskin=*_skin]

Public access to skin previews [?tempskin=*_skin]

2 Mar 30, 2019 22:33


Hi nice for you 2be'ere

Yes it's designed that you can fiddle with skins without logging in as the user doesn't effect the content it's just their personal layout. You can do all manner of things with the url though, like choose a blog. I'm sure you know what I mean. Accessing skins in that way isn't a risk of any sort. It's not access to the server folders just a script. I'm sure you know all this and I'm just rabbiting on. So I'll get back down my hole and leave you to play in the fields

3 Mar 30, 2019 23:06


Thank you for sharing your experience. Perfect, It is good to have this possibility, and also we can just "uninstall" the other skins if we want to avoid this behaviour. Yes I expect to continue on the path to be an active user of the system, very happy to join the "evolution" as I'm trying to escape from wordpress.

4 Mar 31, 2019 00:15

Nice to have new people who bring up queries.

Whilst on the temp skin subject it's worth noting which I have no problem with.

There's a issue with documentation here and there as there are more changes and updates than people to document, so I'm adding the above also so any search for temp and skin will find this. !?!

5 Apr 01, 2019 00:29

The tempskin= param works when logged out so you could theoretically check how your log-in screen looks ;)

It might be desirable to disable that option so that search engines don't index wrong "navigation" but no-one has had any strong feelings against it so far ;)

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