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1 Oct 02, 2015 19:49    

I was looking at the plugins for displaying JavaScript code, and concluded that Prism was most likely going to be the best one to use for what I wanted. I was a little puzzled by some of the explanation of what was needed to get Prism up and running properly ( There's a section on the page that runs as follows:

Note: the XHTML validation must be set to "Basic security checking" at Blogging Permissions, and the HTML posting must be "Not Allowed" in the current collection ( Post options ) in order to get this plugin fully operative.

Whilst I had no problem finding the first setting mentioned on the XHTML validation, but I can't locate the second one in the post options. Either I'm looking in the wrong place, or the manual is little behind the times,; I'm just not sure which.

3 03 Oct 2015 08:37

Thanks for that, I've found it now, and nothing needed a change. I see what you mean by "greatly enhanced" though - lots of options there now.

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