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1 Nov 26, 2016 12:01    

I want to remove the "Contact" menu link. It appears by default and I cannot see how I can make it disappear.

I already have another collection, and thus menu link, with contact details. I had to call it something else ("Get in touch") because the in-built form already uses the most intuitive label ("Contact"). Site users keep mentioning that this is an odd setup on my page. Also, my user menu at the top is getting pretty crowded and having 2 links to contact details is an unnecessary luxury.

I link from my own contacts page to the contact form. So, the form itself is useful, but it's enforced position in the menu bar and the fact that it hogs the word "Contact" is not.

Any help would be appreciated.

6.7.7-stable released on 01/10/16

2 Nov 26, 2016 16:21

In B2evo v 6.x:

1) make a custom site skin to remove the contact menu
2) make a custom skin template for the contact page to add more info to the form

Please see manual for help on these.

In b2evo 7.x, this will be easier done through the backoffice.

3 Apr 04, 2018 01:06

You could write a bit of CSS to make the link invisible, or a bit of JQuery to remove it from the DOM.

We'd need a feature enhancement to add a unique dom id to each link in the site nav. This would make it a bit easier to reference the one you want to switch off otherwise the CSS path can be a bit hairy!

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