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1 Feb 02, 2023 18:15    

Repeated upgrade failures and now at Database schema is not up to date!

I have been running 6.11.3-stable for some time. In March 2022, I tried manually upgrading to whatever version was the latest stable version at that time. While the upgrade worked, the skin had issues. I use pixelgreen. There were issues with the link configuration at the top right of the screen and things were out of place. I attempted to fix it, which caused more issues that broke the blog completely, so I had my webhost restore to a backup point. The blogs were working again, and I did not try to upgrade again at that time.

I tried to upgrade from 6.11.3-stable to 7.2.5-stable on Jan 29 2023, but was immediately stuck on an error: Table 'evo_widget_widget' already exists(Errno=1050). I did not take screenshots of what I tried, but there were links to do some sort of checks but they didn't help. Since I was in over my head and running short on time, I tried to go back to the previous version 6.11.3-stable, but it failed. I admit, in the last few years, trying to complete and troubleshoot the upgrades have been over my head and I'm sure my lack of knowledge is the reason these things aren't working. I just had the webhost restore to a backup point again. The last time I had the webhost restore to a backup point, the blogs just worked. This time, that did not happen.

So, as of right now, the backup files are there, but I have an error:
Database schema is not up to date!
You have schema version «16170», but we would need «13220».

I don't know how to find out the PHP version or the MySQL/MariaDB version as requested.

I don't know what to do from here. I have tried following the similar threads in the forum, but it's beyond my comprehension and I don't want to make a mess of things again. Please let me know what my next steps should be.

Note: I am also concerned that if I do get to the latest version of 7.2.5-stable that the pixelgreen skin might then have errors based on this thread: I've been running my blogs since 2010 and have used this skin for a long time. I'm not necessarily opposed to using a new skin, but I have years of content that I'm not sure would work in another skin without having to do a lot of manual editing.

Thank you!

Repeated upgrade failures and now at Database schema is not up to date!

2 Feb 02, 2023 18:45

In reverse order

  • Table already exists
    Drop the table before you try the next time
  • Verison

You seem to be trying to downgrade from 16170 to 13220 which is not possible


  • Which Those on the server or those wanted by b2evo
    b2evo > /config/advanced.php

Mismatching the b2evo version and the database version seems more of an issue than the php and maria,

3 Feb 02, 2023 19:01

I don't know how to "drop a table."

It's not that I am trying to downgrade. I tried to upgrade from 6.11.3-stable to 7.2.5-stable on Jan 29 2023 and then made a mess of trying to fix it, so I had the webhost restore my files to a Jan 23 2023 backup date. But, something must not have been changed with that restoration, because I'm getting the database error. I don't know how to fix this.

As for PHP/Maria -- those were those questions I was asked in the form for a support ticket, but I didn't know what to answer.

Do you know what I need to do from here to get my blogs back working? Either to 6.11.3-stable or to the latest without issue for pixelgreen?

Thank you!

4 Feb 02, 2023 23:08

Yes the restore of files took you back to 6.11.3 which wants the old database, hence a downgrade.

So are you not familiar with database manipulation via phpMyAdmin? If you are you maybe able to change the database version number in the database, back to 13220

Unless you can change the database version, you will have to go back to installing at least 7.2.1 that's the earliest that uses the 16170 database.

If you get it working and can change the skin from pixelgreen do that to at least get the site usable.

That pixelgreen isn't really compatible with the updated b2evo and was never an official skin, there are no updates for it.

5 Feb 02, 2023 23:22

No, I don't know database manipulation via phpMyAdmin unfortunately.

I will try your suggestions. Thank you!

7 Feb 03, 2023 23:16

I definitely have access to phpMyAdmin, but I don't know what to do from there.

I am waiting for another backup restore by the webhost because it doesn't seem the one they just did was complete, which is its own issue. Once that is done, I will see what the status of the blog is.

9 Feb 12, 2023 18:10

I was able to get the webhost to fully restore back to 6.11.3.

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