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1 Nov 11, 2022 11:56    

The skin files are missing message - what to do
The skin files are missing message - what to do

Hi, I have just upgraded an old blog (last used in late 2018) to 7.2.5. After some fiddling to get php working (it doesn't like 8.1 which the rest of my site is running on) I have a Blog that works in a web browser. I get a stack of skin errors when I view it from a mobile.

I have set the site skin to Bootstrap Site Tabs. When I go to look at the 'Standard' tab in Site skins there is an error saying "The skin files are missing'. I'm not sure what to do.
I have cross checked the skin files on the server against those in the zip file and it looks to be the same.
The collection skin is the old skin I used in 2018 (pixelgreen).

I'm not sure whether my question is "how to fix the site skin, that doesn't seem to have any files" or how to find a current skin that looks a bit like pixel green and use it for this collection. I have included a screen shot of the pixelgreen properties page.

2 Nov 11, 2022 15:25

Hi will check later to see if there is an updated Pixel Green that is compatible with 7.2.5 and if not I'll see if I can get the old one to work.


This is an old unsupported skin, it was never an 'official skin'

It's based on a more generic skin. If you have the old skin you can take the css and extras from the downloadable version and modify a basic skin.

What do you like about it so much :)

3 Jan 30, 2023 01:23

I also use this skin and would like to keep it. I'm still running an old version, because I can't get any upgrades to work properly.

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