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1 Jan 27, 2019 06:17    

This Site:Home

In the top left corner of my page I have Site:Home. I tried to get rid of the site link to no avail But can change the text to whatever I want.
So I killed my "Home" Link, which got rid of HOME but left "Site"
This is great but I can't change the page with what I want, so I reinstalled a Home Collection and now I get Site:Home.
Still can't get rid of SITE.
You guys did it, but how?

2 Jan 27, 2019 07:28

OK. I gave up and did something that will come back to haunt me.
I went to ""
Then to
// Display only short site name if the logo file cannot be used by some reason above:
And removed
?php echo $site_name_text; ? (And the brackets)

Poof! Gone!

3 Jan 28, 2019 03:03

when you create a collection that menu is automatically populated with the collection name. Get rid of a collection and the menu item goes away.

4 Jan 28, 2019 16:58

Uh, yeah, I know that. But no matter what I did, site and home were always the same

5 Jan 28, 2019 16:59

There are also standalone pages in that menu so maybe your Home is one of those. They're not easy to find in the backend either.

Going to Home >> Content >> Pages, shows Collection main pages but not standalone pages. Filtering to the categories in the home collection seems to be the only way to list those. The filters are in the right sidebar.

7 Jan 30, 2019 00:21

Man I feel really really stupid right now. I must be overthinking. Thanks so much!

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