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1 May 26, 2020 05:07    

I am using Bootstrap main skin and Bootstrap Blocks Blog skin.
I figured out how to post the Category, but not a Published date and time without sticking it in the title.
Is there a way to do this? Remember, my knowledge is limited!

2 May 26, 2020 10:50

Hi @mikes

Not clear what you want? It looks like you want a date of when the category was first created near the tile of the category on the screen. Can you provide an image of where you want the date to be?

3 May 27, 2020 20:14

OK, I uploaded a picture and it didnt take.

This is using
Bootstrap Main (RWD Simple list)
And bootstrap blocks.

4 May 27, 2020 23:02

I'm still in the dark. Can you give a url so I can look at the page?

6 May 28, 2020 08:38

Hope I don't look too stupid here, but I still I am the dark.

Your site shows two posts with soem handsome bloke on both. When I click I get a post each of which has only a single word titkle and the author and date below it.

Is it another skin issue, though I don't see the date in the title as you stated?

7 May 28, 2020 17:46

LOL in the Bootstrap block skin and the hoepage (Using Simpe post RWD), yo can post the picture a a cover so it doesnt show up in the article but it makes the main page look pretty Your picture has the Time Date stamp on the article, I went that in those blocks.
That guy is my wife and I

8 May 28, 2020 21:27

Ok I think I'm getting it. I'll try the layout version on a site of mine and let you know how I get on, sorry though niot in a hurry :(

9 May 28, 2020 21:40

Sites working so Im not either. this is just a tweak :-)

10 Jun 01, 2020 04:15

All these things are displayed by Quick Templates now. So you can recode custom templates with any HTML/CSS wrapping you want.

Use the widget that display the date already and add the title in front of it, then remove the title widget.

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