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1 May 15, 2007 13:45    

My b2evolution Version: Miami

Would it be possible to to generate the urls/permalinks for a "related posts" list.
If I'm writing a post about Netvibes I might want to end it with.. "These related posts may interest you" and list the four most recent other Netvibes posts by title/permalkink.

If I want to do that now I run a Search, copy the URLs and make a list.

Would it possible for this to be a part of the posting screen tools. Search Netvibes and be presented with a list of the past Titles/Links?

2 May 15, 2007 14:01

hehehe... I was about to request a plugin for this... "Related Posts" Plugin.. I forgot to post it!! :p

I second this request!

3 Aug 02, 2007 05:49

I second this request. This would be great. I think Wordpress has it now.

We can't let them win! By "we" I mean all of you great b2evo developers. :-)

4 Aug 02, 2007 09:26

I can have this done by the end of next week :)

I will have it so there is a search box you use, and it uses ajax to grab the results, let's say last 10, and then you add the ones you want to the post? Having it so it so it always uses the absolute latest 4 or x many, will run into problems as post contents are cached, but I guess you could set up b2evo with a "delete the cache" cron job to run weekly...

Which method of the above would you guys (or gals) prefer? I can do both if need be.

5 Aug 03, 2007 04:13

Given the latter has issues, I'd say the former is groovy enough for me. This sounds like a very cool idea.

6 Aug 03, 2007 05:01

Having an automated "X" number per blog would be cool so I won't have to revisit old posts.

I was thinking an automated entry on each post:

Related Posts:
1 - Post Title
2 - Post Title
3 - Post Title

7 Aug 03, 2007 08:53

Ok, so you both want the two features, I will see what I can do! Will be good to get this out, will practice my ajax with jQuery skills. I hope by end of next week, could be 2 weeks if need be, as I have clients hassling me, university started up, and I move out today! :):):)

Oh and stop using the release names, I think the only one that actually knows which codename goes to what version is Francois! ;)

8 Oct 22, 2007 16:24

The ajax way you described would be great. Maximum flexibility. It might not be the quickest way for posting, but it's probably more accurate since it passes a human eye.

10 Oct 23, 2007 16:36

You could say that is a related thread :)

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