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1 Jun 09, 2007 19:27    

My b2evolution Version: 1.20.2

Where is the code which generates the actual footer credits in the 1.10.2 version? The code looks identical to the 1.9x version, both of which reference /conf/_advanced.php...

			// Display additional credits (see /conf/_advanced.php):
 			// If you can add your own credits without removing the defaults, you'll be very cool :))
		 	// Please leave this at the bottom of the page to make sure your blog gets listed on
			display_list( $credit_links, T_('Credits').': ', ' ', '|', ' ', ' ' );

...but I checked that entire file and I can't find the actual credits which are being included, neither the links nor the link texts...



2 Aug 22, 2007 09:54

Hi jibberjab
The bloody thing has moved to conf/_application.php

This has to be the most convoluted "credit" set up in the world and if you know how I get rid of "web hosting" and "monitize" I would really appreciate it:)

3 Aug 22, 2007 14:21

Oh yeah, wow, I forgot all about this thread. I got rid of that block a long time ago but the file you referenced is not the right one. You want to look inside /inc/ for a long array block at approx line ~176. It starts with

$credit_links = array_merge(

Remove that whole block and replace it with

$credit_links = array(
	array( '', 'b2evolution' ),


4 Aug 22, 2007 14:53

Ok, thanks for the tip. :)

5 Nov 22, 2007 15:18

Reading the above, I was able to remove the links to web hosting and "money" from the footer credits, but viewing the page after changing the produced this at the top of the page:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ancestry/public_html/ in /home/ancestry/public_html/ on line 71

What do you suppose is causing this?

My cursor kept jumping in the attempt to paste the info in the post above, and when I re-opened the file, the cursor appears in the "get skin" part, so I'm sure that I screwed something up there, but have no idea how to fix it.

6 Nov 22, 2007 15:24

Open the file again and check very thouroughly for any whitespace (space, line feed) *before* the first <?php or *after* the closing ?>.
Since whitespace is hard to detect, you may want to start anew with a fresh copy of the file. Use a plain text editor like Notepad++ or Crimson Editor or Notepad and no html editor or Word.

Good luck

7 Nov 22, 2007 15:30

Oh, gawd, thanks for your prompt reply; I will do just that!

8 Nov 22, 2007 15:38

All is well!

I have learned something that I will not forget:

Do your file editing in NotePad on your desktop, THEN upload the edited file!

No cursor hops; no problem.

Thanks again. I was, of course, in a huge panic.

9 Nov 22, 2007 15:48

sunstone1 wrote:

Thanks again. I was, of course, in a huge panic.

Only for 20 minutes :lol:

Happy blogging

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