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1 Jul 23, 2007 05:41    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x

i have read the docs and numerous posts regarding user groups and settings, but haven't been able to grasp the intricacy in setting this up correctly for my situation.

i have a blog network, currently it has a few bloggers, but i have 100 more ready to go. this means, 100+ admins, 100+ blogs, 1,000+ general users/viewers.

i do not want to have to manage the users permissions at all.

i would like each blogger to be the admin of their own area, and have the full authority to okay each user that contacts them to register.

additionally, although not a huge issue, i would like the user to be only visible to that admin. also, i want that admin to only see registered users on their site.

on the admin side:

i have created a user group for each blog

i have an admin (the blogger) setup in each user group, and have made that distinction on the user permissions (radio button "admin") of the blog settings tab.

then i have created users for a few of the blogs.

Is this the correct method or is there an easier way?

also, when i login as the admin for a specific blog, i can see users in other blogs. how can i restrict this?

2 Jul 30, 2007 07:50

ok. i have 100 bloggers now, but i don't want them to see each others members, and i want to know how to set it up right.

i have rtfm, and rtff (forum), but this subject matter never gets specific detail.

i have tried running a few dummy accounts to test the different privilages but that isn't working as planned either.

please let me know how to set this up.

again: 100 bloggers, lots of users per blog.

3 Jul 30, 2007 11:39

I think what you want isn't possible at this point, but some clarity is required first. What is the difference - to you - between a blogger and a user?

Anyway one thing you're going to want to do is make sure that each of your blogs has NOTHING set for group permissions. As soon as you use group permissions it means everyone in that group will have those permissions in that blog. Depending on what you mean by bloggers versus users eh?

Now use the individual permissions in each blog to let *whoever* have whatever permissions you want them to have. If you give them all the perms possible I think that means they can add permissions for other bloggers, but I don't use group perms so it's hard for me to say for sure.

Actually I guess you could use group permissions if you wanted. Like set up a group called "group one" that gets posting permissions in blogs 3 and 5 and 8. Now anyone in that group gets those permissions. You might end up with a lot of groups to manage, but it's probably easier - if this is a workable solution for what you want to do.

How many blogs are you talking about? If you have a blog per blogger (and still I wonder who the users are), then group permissions are silly to try to take advantage of. I think!

Anyway first we really need to get clarification on what you're trying to accomplish.

4 Jul 30, 2007 16:59


thank you for the response, and my apologies on a lack of clarity.

i have 100 bloggers right now. i want them to be able to have privilages that allow them to manage their own blog respectively (and take me out of the loop). the reason being is that they could each have 10 viewers, who register, and that is 1000 people to manage.

also, to help clarify, this is for radio broadcasters. so each blog is run by a broadcaster, each viewer is some guy/gal in their area who listens to them.

i hope this doesn't further confuse things, but here is how i currently have them setup:

- each station is setup as a group under the "user" tab in the back office
- under blog settings "group settings" and "user settings" is where it gets fuzzy.

some basic questions guiding my decisions on how this should be setup are:

- should the bloggers be their own group (ex: bloggers, basic users, etc).
- i want them to only see 'users' registered to their blog if possible.

thanks again for your help, and i think this post could help a lot of people.

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