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1 Jul 23, 2007 22:36    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Hi everyone.

I looked for the answer to this question in previous posts but could not find anything.
I've tried editing the file /xmlsrv/rss2.php, adding

<author><?php the_author_ID()?></author>


<author><?php $Item->author?></author>

but with no results :(

Any suggestion / idea? :idea:

Thanks a lot!


2 Jul 25, 2007 23:28

The feeds are created as a skin. For rss2 it's the ../blog/skins/rss2/ folder. If you want to edit something, this is the place.

The author is already there (don't you get the author in you feedreader? What B2evolution version are you using?)

<dc:creator><?php $Item->get_creator_User(); $Item->creator_User->preferred_name('xml') ?></dc:creator>

This code is from B2evo version 1.10.

Good luck

3 Jul 27, 2007 15:45

Thanks for your reply. I am still on version 0.9.1. I should upgrade soon (hopefully) :roll:

I found in another topic, how to add the author to the title:

<title><?php $Item->title( '', '', false, 'xml' ); echo " - ", the_author_id(); ?></title>

Added this line in xmlsrv/rss2.php and it works... not exactly what I wanted but it's fine.



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