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1 Feb 22, 2008 04:57    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

is there a way to remove the question mark ? parameter out of the single post URLs?



I've noticed that if I manually remove ?blog=X, I still get to the right post.

I'm wondering if there is a setting to make it global.


2 Feb 22, 2008 05:40

Why do people take the time to type in fake URLs? What *exactly* is the point of that? Especially when they have their website linked in their profile :roll: My next favorite "issue" is people who pull the version info out of the <head> section of their skin's _main or index.main file. You know: the line that says "<!-- Please leave this for stats -->" that for some reason people just can't leave in there even though all it does it let b2evolution learn about itself? Oh and it makes it a lot easier for those of us who answer questions here to actually develop an answer.

Imagine if our answers here had fake URLs and important information intentionally left out...

Okay I'm done.

You are running version 2.3.0-RC1. How do I know that? I'm pretty smart on this stuff is how. I do NOT know if upgrading to 2.4.0-RC2 will solve this issue or not, but anyone using a release candidate should know that they really need to keep up with the upgrades until a stable package is available.

Back to the issue: I've seen blogs have that, but it's not been a problem for me. Recently someone with a similar URL but a different problem managed to solve their problem by changing the options on their Blog settings->pick a blog->URLs sub-tab. I'm guessing here, but do you have "Explicit param on index.php" selected in the top box on that sub-tab AND items with "use param" in the title selected in the other boxes?

Anyway I suspect that by tinkering with your URL settings you'll be able to clear this up, but I'm not 100% sure of that.

3 Feb 22, 2008 06:35

Thanks EdB,

Your points are well taken. The reason I shortened my URL was for readability since the forum shortens them. I'm glad you said something though...

I thought I had my version in there. I've messed up my skin so many times that I probably removed that line inadvertently.

Finally, thanks for helping out. I'll upgrade to 2.4 one of these weekends.

4 Feb 22, 2008 07:23

Did you resolve the ?blog=N thing?

By the way looking for multiblogs.php is a little trick that lets me figure out stuff sometimes - like the version if it's not in the head section ;)

Ya know what? If someone types the forums won't make it a link and therefore won't shorten it. But if it's a link it'll get the bits at the end shortened, so I read the question and just click on it to see what the deal is :roll:

Hey you'll be glad to know your 230RC1 skin will be cool in 240RC2. There are a few other features that your skin won't know about, but you won't NEED to do anything extra to get it running.

5 Feb 22, 2008 08:02

No I didn't. I'll revisit the issue after I upgrade. Thanks.

6 Feb 22, 2008 14:57

Okay cool. I think you'll find it is for sure in the URLs section of town. I just now noticed that I had search engine traffic leading to - which is the issue you want to correct!

I had that traffic from before I made a stub file for that blog, and do not recall what the default value for the top box of options was. Anyway this convinces me you can get rid of that undesirable condition by playing with those settings.

I do not know if you need stubs to get rid of it. I doubt it, but I don't know.

7 Feb 23, 2008 20:48

Got it fixed.

I upgraded to the latest version and all I had to do was choose the "extra path" with the blog name.


8 Feb 26, 2008 23:54

a little pesky problem:

I've noticed that old links containing the blog?=5 text do not take me directly to the post. They leave me hanging at the main blog section:
takes me to which is the parent blog #5


this is the setting:
Extra path on index.php

Right now, i went back to blog?=N

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