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1 Feb 22, 2008 08:48    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x


For a week i wasn't able to check my blog, and last night when i tried logging in to the back office

I am getting blank screen asking to re-enter password and user name, also i am getting a message

You will have to accept cookies in order to log in.

Now I have cleared all cookies, deleted all temporary files, accepting all cookies but nothing is helping me to log in.

I would appreciate if anyone of you have come across this situation, please suggest.


2 Feb 22, 2008 13:38

Here we go again...

The fake link you typed in doesn't help anyone resolve anything - unless your domain name actually is AND you are actually trying to login via the htsrv folder AND for some reason you have a file called login.php... That won't work. Or at least that *shouldn't* work.

Try this: [[edit: solution removed ;) ]]

4 Feb 22, 2008 18:38

Hi pushkar26,

I don't like to be annoying, but why does your blog advertise for almost every service freely available on the web and on the other hand you removed the linkback to B2evolution. Are we not sexy enough?

Good luck

5 Feb 23, 2008 08:44

Looks like choosing b2evo wasn't a great idea,

But when there isn't a solution to such small problem like this it seems there are going to be many more troubles in future.

6 Feb 23, 2008 09:03

It's easy to provide a solution...... it's just frustrating that some people take/use other people's good free open source work for granted.

Your call pushkar26

7 Feb 25, 2008 06:22

I need a solution, I understand and respect the open source applications and it's concept. If somebody has a solution to this please let me know

10 Feb 26, 2008 14:46

I've not been able to write single post on my blog since 2 weeks.

please help

11 Feb 26, 2008 15:22

Try in a different browser or on a different computer.

12 Feb 26, 2008 15:53

Throw away your cookies. (in firefox, use the webdeveloper extension for that)

13 Feb 27, 2008 08:40

Done all this already, i have even using phpmyadmin cleared all the sessions and hits log information.

Nothing is happening...i have checked the password and username and they too are correct.

Is this the end of my blog with b2evolution..

15 Feb 27, 2008 15:23

What is the fun in giving threats, it is all frustration, when i am having replies where people are teaching me about open source, and claiming to have easy solution with them..

To be frank this is no threat, i simply meant "Wouldn't i be able to use my blog now"

May be my sentence is sounding like a threat but it isn't, many users like me even if they leave b2evo, is not going to affect is going great despite me not able to login to my blog :(

It's been a bad week for me, my laptop, blog and my music system all of them are not working..

16 Feb 27, 2008 15:27


PM me the login name and password of the blog and I will see if I can find out what's the problem

Good luck

17 Feb 27, 2008 16:29

Afwas wrote:


PM me the login name and password of the blog and I will see if I can find out what's the problem

Good luck

Thanks Afwas for yoru concern,

I finally took my time out and within frustration, helped myself to solve this problem.

You can keep this information for future and for fellow forum admins.

The problem was with my .htaccess 301 redirect as it was set to redirect url permanently to instead of

As in _simple_config.php the base url was

Changing the base url has solved my problem

Although how i was able to login previously is still a mystery to me...

18 Feb 27, 2008 16:31

Well you solved it. Good work.
Thanks for reporting back to the forums.

Happy blogging

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