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1 Feb 22, 2008 10:20    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

How do I remove the Links content?

2 Feb 22, 2008 13:03

Not quite sure what you mean here. Can you describe the problem a bit more please?
Do you mean to get rid of the list of links that usually appears in the sidebar?
And which version of B2evo are you using?

4 Feb 25, 2008 00:34

You're using 1.10.2.

I see your problem, which occurs in both your blogs. I'm not quite sure how that came about, but we can find out.

Have you actually got any postings in your link blog? Try actually posting a link or two to it, and see what shows up, if anything. As there's so little data on your blogs as yet it's hard to see what the pattern is.

If you're willing to PM me a login I'll have a look around the backoffice for you too.

5 Feb 25, 2008 00:51

You have your blog selected as your blog's linkblog. Make sense?

I don't have a 1.10.3 installation handy, but on the Blog settings tab somewhere you will have an option for which blog to use as your linkblog. What is happening is that you are posting in a blog that is also selected as your linkblog.

This could easily be by using blog #1 as your linkblog, but it could also be by using blog #3 as the linkblog on blog #3.

Anyway that's where I'd look for the solution to the seemingly odd experience.

6 Feb 25, 2008 00:56

Okay it looks like you have blog #3 selected as the linkblog for blogs 2 and 3, and nothing selected for blog #1's linkblog.

So is the issue that you don't want the content to duplicate? It can be hacked that way, but it is easier to note that normally one would select a linkblog that they do not post actual content into. For example if on blogs 2 and 3 you selected blog #4 as the linkblog AND only posted a title and a URL in blog #4 then you would not see content because (obviously) there wouldn't be content to see.

It is hackable too - of course. Search the forums a bit and you'll find that editing either skins/_linkblog.php OR skins/yourskin/_linkblog.php will be how to get rid of the content portion of items displayed as a linkblog.

Confusing as all get-up, but trust me: this is where it's at and it's not all that unusual. Especially being confused by it ;)

7 Feb 25, 2008 00:57

Oh and hey welcome to the forums! We were hoping you'd stop by :D

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