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1 Feb 22, 2008 13:43    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I've been told that maybe it's time to upgrade my b2evolution, vers. "0.9.1" and now I'm working on it.
So far all my old folders except "Media" have been replaced with all the new ones from the "Venetian" folder "blog". In my old version there was no file called "_basic_config.php" but I copied some data (user, name of database etc) from another conf. file to the file "_basic_config.php" in the new version. I believe that I'm now ready to run the upgrade script on my server - only, I'm hesitating because:
1. I'm not sure if (in "_basic_config.php") I should change the table prefix from "evo_ " to something else ?
2. I don't know how to make a back up of my php database ? ('Waiting for my host to explain).

However, IF I succeed in upgrading I'll have to ask: Where did my beloved function "Blog All" go ? Am I supposed to set it up myself in the new version of b2evolution ? And if so: How ?

As you can see, I really need an update.... ;)

2 Feb 22, 2008 14:02

Slow down friend!

Make sure you make a backup of your database FIRST because there is no "undo" button if things go wrong.

In 2.* versions you will have to decide which blog, if any, you want to be a "blog all". Once you decide, for example, that you want blog #1 to be like it always was then you will have to set that up in your back office. It will be on one of the blog setting subtabs - I forget which one - and you will tell it something like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 to get blogs 1 through 7 showing up on that blog.

Do you have cpanel through your hosting provider? If so the absolutely easiest way imaginable to do a backup is to click the feature in cpanel called "backup". You then select the database you want to back up and it'll download the file for you. Ta-da!

I suggest if you're not in love with your traffic data that you use your stats tab to delete as much of your traffic data as possible (one day with one click if I recall correctly) before backing up because that stuff really bloats the backup file.

Okay what was the question again? Oh yeah: blog all, and yeah it's different in 2.* but I'm not sure if 2.* upgrades from really old stuff or not.

I genuinely recommend to you that you backup your database at the 0.9.* level you are at, upgrade your files and database to 1.10.3 and do another backup (don't over-write the first), THEN upgrade to 2.4.0-RC2 just to be on the safe side.

And yeah what used to be the info in conf/_config.php is now the stuff we put in conf/_basic_config.php as long as we're careful about noticing which line means what stuff yah? Because it used to be like a variable for each bit and now it's in an array.

I'm glad you're looking at upgrading, but for sure move slowly and carefully - and I recommend making a stop at 1.10.3 along the way - because IF something goes wrong you'll want to say "undo" and ... well ... let's not go there ;)

3 Feb 23, 2008 12:29

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a simple backup buttom in my cpanel. On the other hand I had great fun learning about backups i the "phpMyAdmin" application - Man, I've been around with this b2evolution !

I'm writing again because I thought you should know that - during these uncertain times - I'm grateful for having a friend like you.

After having upgraded from vers. "0.9.1" to "1.10.3" and finally "2.4.0" I see that creating a "Blog All" is no problem at all. The new backoffice is delicious and I soon found the relevant subtab: "Blogsettings" > "Advanced" > "Aggregation".

The upgrading itself was too easy, I already installed several of the 2.x skins and I'd rather say "Hallelujah !" than "undo".

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