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1 Feb 26, 2008 16:40    

I've been using regenerate url to great effect in my plugins and new skin ( for displays of multiple posts.

However, when I'm displaying a single post and I want to display a multipost view, I'm having problems determining the right function to use.

(You can see this at the site by clicking on a permalink, then note what happens to the url and contents when you click on a subcategory link under the post-title)

My single post url is of the /year/month/day/name-of-post format. My multi-posts are still in the ?blog=7&s=bird&cat=62 format.

Do I need to rebuild the entire multi-post url from the base blog url and the global parameters? If so, how do I know whether to build the current format with named parameters or the possible extra-path format (/twp/wild_bird_feeding/?s=bird)?


Cindy Rae

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