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1 Mar 07, 2008 05:18    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Hey--guys who know a hell of a lot more than me about this stuff--I recently updated to 2.X and I noticed my posts are not being listed on the update list on

Can someone reset this for me?

Or is this because I left the blog name field blank in my backoffice? I did this so it wouldn't show up over my blog logo.

Thanks in advance,


2 Mar 07, 2008 05:37

This might help....

b2evolution user blogs
"If you want your b2evolution blog(s) to appear on this list, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you don't remove the b2evolution credits from your blog. If you don't even want to give us credit for the free software (ahem... 4 years of work!), why would we want to link to you?
2. Make sure you agree the Terms Of Service for this listing.
3. In your blog's properties > advanced > after each new post, check Ping"

3 Mar 07, 2008 06:29

I have always made the list before...the ping B2evo Box is checked...all is in order. This has something to do with my upgrade or the Name of the blog in the backoffice I think.

4 Mar 07, 2008 06:34

It's the name of the blog in the back office. Since your "new" name isn't approved it doesn't show up. Oh wait did you also change anything like using stubs or the way your home page URL looks? I forget exactly what the matching criteria is is why I ask.

Depending on how your skin is made, you should be able to restore the parameter you changed in the back office AND remove it from the skin by removing the appropriate widget. OTOH that might screw up the layout, but only way to find out is to test it yah?

5 Mar 07, 2008 08:23

I'm not sure what I changed. Let me experiment.

6 Mar 07, 2008 09:18

Okay, I removed the Blog Title Widget and Blog Tagline Widget from the header. Then I gave by blog a title. Now I'm not sure what my old title exactly was because I am a bit of a moron and have no memory to speak of.

I made a test blog post and nothing showed up in the B2Evo list, so either I didn't get my old name right or it has something to do with stubs.

Also, now my HEADER category in Widgets has disappeared completely because I deleted both widgets that were in it. Is there any way to get it back?

7 Mar 07, 2008 10:28

Does "The Chum Slick--A Blog Written by an Actual Shark" ring a bell?

8 Mar 07, 2008 10:47

LOL. Alright. That was it!

I was trying to put in "The Chum Slick--the only blog written by a real life Shark." It didn't fit.

I changed it back to The Chum Slick--A Blog Written by an Actual Shark.

I made a test post and it still didn't show up...

Thanks for putting up with my perpetual silliness.

10 Mar 08, 2008 03:20

Thanks, ¥åßßå!

You are magic.

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