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1 Mar 30, 2008 16:31    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Greetings all, I just installed 2.4.1 (very nice!), but I'm having trouble changing the timestamp. I understand that in the Advanced section of the edit post function, below the Preview/Save/Delete buttons, there should be a mechanism to allow me to change the stamp on a post I've already created. However, these timestamp controls are not there.

My advanced properties section shows:

URL filename
Excerpt (for XML)

...then "Additional Actions" (Trackback) and "This Post is Linked To..."

I'm logged in as the administrator, so I would think I'd have the timestamp controls.

Any ideas? Thanks!

2 Mar 30, 2008 22:12

you can already edit a post's timestamp clicking the calendar right above the url filename, or typing it manually

4 Mar 31, 2008 04:24

i cant see why there is not; anyhow, you can always edit it from phpmyadmin, if you gonna do it for one post or two

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