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1 Apr 02, 2010 18:18    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

I can't seem to delete one of the blog pages that was created during install the error I receive : Firefox can't find the server at admin.php.

also I'm getting this error:

TinyMCE javascript could not be loaded. Check the "URL to TinyMCE" plugin setting.

2 Apr 02, 2010 19:37

I also can't delete any Categories with the same result

Firefox can't find the server at admin.php.

3 Apr 03, 2010 13:57

OK figured out that I had a problem with the auto install on the server that I had just rented after I reinstalled B2evo. everything working great.

Thanks for your input.

4 Apr 04, 2010 19:13

Glad you got it sorted because I was buggered if I knew what the answer to your problem was ;)


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