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1 Apr 15, 2010 15:34    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

I just finished installing b2evolution on my test server. I noticed when I hit the website, it takes me to an index.html page that contains quickstart instructions.

On the admin side I specified that I wanted it to display BlogA.

Index.html seems like a static page. Should I just change it to whatever I want or is there a way through the admin side to tell it what page to display?

I have b2 installed on the root of the site. I do not plan on adding it to an existing site. I want it to be its own separate website.

any ideas?

2 Apr 16, 2010 04:01

hi abacabb

you got a b2evolution folder where you can see index.html quickstart, BUT there is a BLOGs folder, copy or cut that to your main test server example /htdocs or /www folder

try it

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