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1 Apr 17, 2010 17:52    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Trying to find this in a plugin,all I have found it so far is in a js file,not sure how to install as a plugin.Or if anyone knows what file to edit so that when users go to add photo's that they will be limited to 640x480 or something in that range.Thanks for any help..

2 Apr 17, 2010 22:20

jQuery Imagefit plugin

* home page
* support page
* download zip

jQuery Imagefit plugin v. 0.9.3 by Afwas
System requirements : b2evolution version : 2.x
This plugin makes your images fit the container the're in. Aimed at (large) images in a post. The image wants to be in a div with class image_block, like any image uploaded through the filemanager or added through the [IMG] button. However you can change this class to another class or ID in the plugin's settings.


3 Apr 18, 2010 02:39

Thanks that worked..

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