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1 Mar 03, 2006 23:33    


I'm not knowledgeable with PHP (though have a background in programming - TPascal and some C++ )..

I'm currently developing a new and interesting add-on for b2e, I've set-up everything - ie the fields are in-place, properly being parsed, stored/retrieved to and from mySQL.

But I need to do something with it as the final part of it.

The process:

1) During posting (ie "Write") there is a checkbox (just like AutoBR or Ping All Links in this Post) wherein the poster has the option to use the add-on or not.

If yes,
2) The add-on will check if all values/fields (of the add-on) are 'not empty'.

3) After pressing "post" (when posting "new" blog entries), the add-on must execute a form-get to another site and then retrieve the value returned by the site and store it to the db. Then that value which is now stored in the db is shown in the blog-post.
ie, this process must happen on-the-fly in the background.

I guess I have to tell the add-on, it's an add-on that will allow any b2e users to get an esbn for their blog entries, as esbn said, every blog entry (and comments) can be copyrighted, and an esbn is one way to seal that a post (or comment) do belong to the poster (or commenter).

* All values/fields must not be empty.
And the values that will be checked are separated, ie not all values/fields are to be inputted "during" the posting process.

The breakdown:
the esbn username field can only be set in the "profile"

the publisher field can be set only by those who have access to the "Settings" tab of the backoffice.

the docdesc, licensee, and licemail are the only fields that are present in the "Write" tab (during the posting process).

docname is the post title; author is the author's "prefered_name"; url is the permalink of the post.

Some alternative process:
Instead of storing licensee and licemail in the b2e db, is it possible to just store it somewhere? Since the licensee and licemail is only needed once - for registration for a new esbn. Other than that, it's not needed to be stored in b2e's db.
And secondly, only allows editing of licensee and licemail and it's stored in esbn's db already so if there's a need to edit it (which is unlikely), the blog-post-author can just go to

But I don't know how to do just that so I ended up storing licensee and licemail in b2e's db.

Moreover, I'm stuck with this part.

I'm open however to sharing what I already did and someone can just finish the important part. (Since it's the processes I mentioned above that will make this add-on useful.)

Thanks ^_^

(Hope I explained things clearly.)

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