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1 May 25, 2006 14:38    

Hello people,

I recently updated to 0.92 / Sparkle. Everything is working, except the custom skin. When I call that, nothing is displayed whatsoever. I have CHMODded it to 766, but it doesn't work. I also tried reuploading the custom skin directory, but that made no difference either. I have looked all over the forum to see if anyone else was experiencing something similar but it would appear that I am being uniquely stoopid.

For an example, look at this page:

The main page is using a different skin and it works fine, but I want to get the custom skin working again so I can customise m' site.

Does anyone know any plausible solutions to this problem? Your help would be much appreciated.

-Charlie Tyack 8|

2 May 25, 2006 14:45

In your Admin section -> Blogs ->General
what is available in the drop down list for Default Skin for Blog 5

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