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1 Jun 19, 2006 04:31    


I am new to b2evolution. I was wondering if there are any guides or tips on how to optimize the blogs for search engines. Also, can the blog posts' urls be changed into static ones?



2 Jun 19, 2006 22:01


Welcome to b2evolution and the forum. If you fill out the descriptions and keywords under the blog tab, then those will be taken care of. Give your posts good titles because the post title is put in the title tag (and the url in some cases).

If you don't like the ?p=blah&foo=bar&blog=2&etc=etc urls, then go to the settings tab and enable 'Extra-path info." Your urls will be much prettier.

Search the forum for "SEO" and you'll find some threads that offer other suggestions. My opinion is that the software does a pretty good job right out of the box (especially once pretty urls are enabled), but there's always room to improve.

The [url=]wiki manual[/url] doesn't have a page on SEO, but if you come up with some good ideas, please compile them there.

3 Jul 12, 2006 11:43

As fas as blogs are concerned you need to concentrate on your internal link structure. If your blog posting appears as

These type of links never get crawled by search engines, and you will surely loose out to your competitors.

So just make sure that all your links should be accessible by search crawlers

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