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1 Jun 19, 2006 10:00    

Using 1.6 unmodified

When sending out a new post that will get posted in the future, the date is not correct.
The date get gets along with the post, is post_datecreated or post_datemodified.
I want it to be the post_datestart, because it will be that date that the post will actualy get published.

When viewing my posts with a feedreader, I can see my post apear on the day that Iwant, but with a date way back in the past.

I don't find the function in my code to change the date that get sended.
It would be awesome to get this fixed in 1.8, but for now I want to change it by hand (if possible)

2 Jun 19, 2006 10:59

Based on your rss2pdf link I'll hazard a guess that you've got the wrong link in your feedburner account. 1.6 uses a "temp skin" for it's rss feeds now, so your link should be something like


6 Jun 19, 2006 16:37

Now that you mention atom I think I know what's happening. It would appear to show the updated date without seeing if it's earlier than the date published, just change this segment of code so that they both use issue_date.

				<published><?php $Item->issue_date( 'isoZ', true ) ?></published>
				<updated><?php $Item->mod_date( 'isoZ', true ) ?></updated>


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